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Letter: Don't worry if you can't get your ID renewed before the November election

Joe Robillard needs more information on North Dakota's requirements for an ID for voting. You don't have to have an ID with all your information on it. You can use an ID which doesn't have a street address on it and supplement that ID with other things like a bill addressed to you at your address. Here's information I have as of June 8, 2018:

To vote in North Dakota, a person must be:

  • A United States citizen
  • At least 18 years old on the day of the election
  • A North Dakota resident
  • To become a resident of the state a person must reside within the state for 30 days.
  • A resident in the precinct for at least 30 days preceding the election.
  • A person does not lose residency in their old precinct until they establish residency in a new precinct. If a person is in the midst of a move during the 30-day window before the election they may cast a ballot in the precinct they moved from.

Acceptable forms of identification:

  • An identification issued by a federal, state, local, or tribal government entity listing the voters residential or mailing address, legal name and date of birth.
  • This identification may be current or expired;
  • This identification may be from another state.
  • An identification issued by a federal, state, local or tribal government entity that does not carry a current residential or mailing address may be accompanied by additional documentation to prove the voter's current residence. This documentation may include:
  • A current utility bill
  • A current bank statement
  • A check issued by a federal, state, local or tribal government
  • A paycheck
  • A document issued by a federal, state, local or tribal government
  • Long-term care facility identification certificates
  • Issued by the long-term care facility the voter resides in

These forms of ID work for voting in person or by absentee ballot.

Find this information at The Secretary of State site hasn't always had all the information and it's not in normal English, so it's not plain to understand. But, you don't have to stand in line forever in order to satisfy these requirements!

Dunn lives in Fargo.