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Letter: A refresher on the Seven Deadly Sins

The Evangelical Christian support for President Donald Trump is more than a little puzzling. Ordinarily, Christians use the Bible as a guiding force and look to Jesus Christ as a leader that exemplifies values they can use to instruct children on how one should act. Trump stands that sentiment on end. He is the poster child for the Seven Deadly Sins identified in Christian doctrine.

In case you've forgotten, the Seven Deadly Sins are:

• Pride: America First, racial views, arrogance, hubris, etc.

• Greed: How many mansions, golf courses and Trump Towers do you really need?

• Envy: Trump loves the way Putin runs his country. Xi Jinping is president for life.

• Lust: No explanation necessary.

• Gluttony: Check the dictionary for this one.

• Wrath: About a protester, Trump said, "I'd like to punch him in the face."

• Sloth: We'd all like to stroll into work at 11 and have gone golfing 147 times since becoming president.

I'm certainly not the one to cast the first stone here, but Trump hits every one of the seven out of the park! Trump may give lip service to Christian values, but accumulating wealth and power is his true religion. If the love of money is the root of all evil, then perhaps Evangelical Christians may want to take a second look as to why they're supporting President Trump.

Schafer lives in Mandan, N.D.