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Letter: Anti-Catholicism is the last legitimized form of bigotry in the country

The frequent Catholic sex-abuse stories imply that Catholics have more child molestation than the general population to the point that people believe most priests abuse kids. Experts say otherwise.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says that the Catholic Church does not have a larger problem. Insurance companies that offer sexual misconduct coverage with liability insurance show that Catholic churches are not higher risk than any other denomination. The abuse rate in the Catholic Church is the same as elsewhere, and the Catholic Church, contrary to press reports, is transparent and cooperative with law enforcement, so why does the press emphasize Catholic wrongdoing?

Perhaps because they disagree with Catholic morality on abortion, marriage, the family, end of life issues, and so on? Does the press write about abusive Lutherans or Muslims or Jews or Hindus? It seems that anti-Catholicism is the last legitimized form of bigotry in the country.

Fischer lives in Fargo.