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Letter: How about Kaepernick protest the low wages Nike pays its overseas workers?

While Colin Kaepernick is making millions off of some goofy ad condemning all police officers as being brutal. Does he ever bother to protest the low wages that Nike pays many of its overseas workers? Some time ago Nike claims it cleaned up some of its sweatshops overseas, but wages are still low. In Vietnam, for example, Nike workers make less than $20 a week. Granted, you can't compare that with the cost of living there and in America, but its still pathetically low considering the outrageous prices Nike charges people silly enough to buy their products.

But then again, I don't buy Nike products. Never have. And I certainly wouldn't trust the judgement of someone like Kaepernick who idolizes the killer Castros of Cuba.

Kovach lives in Nevis, Minn.