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Letter: We need to pray for wisdom in our leaders

With President Trump staying up until 5 a.m. to send out tweets on the internet defensively about media coverage of him, and very large numbers of small children who don't know what's going on calling out " Mommy " places in internment camps, while guards joke cynically, it is clear to me that Trump and the people around him lack moral cohesion, but also lack common sense.

Now Steve Bannon has left the administration to build up and network with racists in Europe. I would urge Republicans all across the U.S.: How can the left and the right come back to Biblical principles of protecting the widows and the fatherless, of all races, all ethnicities, all nations?

It's all right, I believe, to feel pride in one's heritage, but I hope Christian's will pray for unity, peace, integrity, courage and to pray for wisdom in leaders.

Heimarck lives in Dilworth.