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Letter: The key is preventing unwanted pregnancies

Come with me, fellow citizens, on a journey of logic. It appears to me that the majority of us respect life in its various forms. I personally find war a poor solution to most problems; I'm satisfied with whatever meat I find in the market; the death penalty has earned a poor reputation for punishing crimes as often the person is not even guilty as proven sometimes too late; and I think most of us agree that women and men are equal under the law of our land.

What then do we do with this problem of abortion? Let me advance the idea that the problem is not abortion, but the presence of an unwanted pregnancy. If that is so, surely that remedy is in such things as adequate sex education, access to birth control and protection, and the teaching of both men and women that bringing a human life into this world is a sacred act. If men and women accept the responsibility for their own actions, then there is no problem.

Perhaps we as a society need to assure that every person has access to quality health care; that every human who is party to the beginning of a new human is responsible for that human financially until the age of 18; that every child born in our society will be assured of food, shelter, education and care.

What do you think?

Wray Williams is a former Moorhead City Council member.