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UND ATHLETICS: Kennedy wants budget recommendations by Nov. 1

GRAND FORKS, N.D.—University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy has set a timeline for a committee charged with providing recommendations on the school's $1.4 million shortfall of the athletic budget.

In a memo to members of the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee, Kennedy said he wants a conclusion by Nov. 1.

"I recognize that this imposes a tight timeline, but also appreciate that this period will appear too long for student athletes," Kennedy wrote in the memo.

Kennedy also stressed the finality of the process.

"To give long term confidence to our student athletes, I intend to determine this fall the sports that will be sponsored, and this will be definitive for my period of service at UND," Kennedy wrote. "To be clear, I welcome any recommendations as to sports to discontinue up until Nov. 1, but not thereafter."

On Aug. 16, Kennedy sent out a campuswide email announcing he will reassess the athletic department because of a $1.4 million shortfall in the 2015-16 fiscal year.

Kennedy also moved the department's chief financial officer out of athletic director Brian Faison's control and under the university's Finance Department, while saying he will form a group to examine "a number of factors, including the sports we participate in, conference participation, the number of athletes that we serve and the cost of the programs."

In the original email, Kennedy said he wanted to perform these tasks by the end of the year.

Tom Miller

Miller has been with the Grand Forks Herald sports department for the past 13 years. He's also a Grand Forks native and UND graduate. 

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