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'Wentz Bros Outdoors' provides fascinating insight into Carson's hunting passion

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Carson Wentz waits for birds to fly by during a snow geese hunting trip to Arkansas. Photo courtesy of Wentz Bros Outdoors2 / 2

FARGO—It's their field away from Carson Wentz's field, where the only cameras are those in the hands of Carson or his brother, Zach Wentz. And for the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, "Wentz Bros Outdoors" provides a glimpse into his life away from football.

It's just a hobby for the North Dakotans, who grew up hunting in the state. For now anyway. It's possible it could mushroom into something bigger.

"People see another side of Carson and what he enjoys outside of football," Zach said. "I think people will be somewhat surprised that Carson, a guy in the spotlight, is open to showing this side of him. This is who we are."

The idea spawned from a short deer hunting trip south of Fargo when Wentz was back during the Eagles bye week at the end of September. They decided to film it for memory sake, Zach said, and the result started to turn on a few light bulbs.

Why not make it a short show of some sort? The result is a Wentz Bros Outdoors webpage on YouTube.

The "2016 ND Bow Hunt" that was filmed on property owned by North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum shows Carson landing his first buck. Clips include Carson sitting in a deer stand whispering into the camera as to not disturb any deer coming their way.

Moments later, Wentz delivers a shot that nets his first buck with a bow, a photo that Carson put on his Twitter account. It was a pinnacle moment for the Bismarck natives and North Dakota State graduates.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz calls a play against Dallas. Eric Hartline / USA TODAY Sports

"My first buck, I'm pretty fired up, let's go," said Carson, still in his whispering voice.

There's an element of suspense to it until Carson lets the arrow go from his bow.

"There are moments that make your heart pound," said Zach, recalling the wait until the buck went down.

That video was 4 minutes, 38 seconds. The second one, a trip to Arkansas in February to hunt snow geese, is more than twice as long and much more polished. Zach does most of the filming. The crew used multiple cameras for the first time and the editing, camera angles and music provided a first class production.

"Hopefully we'll keep doing a little better as we go along," Zach said.

Both videos also point out the sporting nature of hunting. For instance, the snow geese are a nuisance to Arkansas farmers and thinning out the birds during conservation season is a help to their livelihood.

The details are numerous, from Carson putting on camouflage eye paint to the group, which includes their father Doug Wentz, setting out decoys and sitting in a bunker waiting for a large flock of birds to fly overhead. The camera even follows Carson's dog as it retrieves birds.

It's a fascinating inside look into the life of a national sports star.

"The reception has been very well received," Zach said. "There are hundreds of thousands of people that do things the right way. We're not scared of hurting anybody's feelings because we know we're doing it the right way. We're comfortable in what we're doing and we're confident we're going about it the right way."

Even the Wentz Bros Outdoors logo looks professional, with the tops of the "W" being deer antlers and the diagonal line in the "Z" a bird with wings. Zach said he and Carson sketched some ideas with the logo being finished by the same people that did Carson's "AO1" logo, in reference to Carson's "Audience of One" religious theme.

Zach said the Eagles organization has been supportive of the venture and has no particular rules of players doing outdoors activities, even during the season.

"Like most things, you have to be very conservative during the season," he said. "Football is definitely No. 1 and then with the free time that there is, this is a good hobby."

Zach is the main narrator, with Carson providing some commentary on the day's events. It's not all about hunting either. The video shows the fun side of the Wentz's including a short, light-hearted game of touch football in the hotel parking lot.

As for the future of Wentz Bros Outdoors, Zach said a lot of it depends on schedules. It doesn't help that bulk of hunting is in the fall during football season. Thoughts include doing a fishing show and something from a trip to New Zealand.

"We don't have a limit," Zach said. "Hopefully we can keep people entertained."

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