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Fargo Marathon: Juggler returns to the half-marathon

Ivan Schleppenbach juggled his entire way through the half-marathon of the Scheels Fargo Marathon Saturday, May 20, 2017. Chris Murphy / The Forum


About five years ago, 23-year-old Ivan Schleppenbach realized he really liked to juggle. He also liked to run. The logical next step was joggling—running while juggling.

"I love doing both of them, so why not do them together," said Schleppenbach, who is from St. Joseph, Minn.

On Saturday, May 20, Schleppenbach juggled his way through the half-marathon of the Scheels Fargo Marathon for the fifth straight year.

"It's my favorite race to run. The crowd just keeps me going," Schleppenbach said. "I don't always have the best time, but it's always fun to put a smile on people's faces when I'm running."

Schleppenbach said he only dropped one of the three balls he juggled with once, while running on Saturday.

"I was really happy with that," Schleppenbach said. "Timing the running and the jogging, trying to get it in one fluid motion, is tough. After that, it's just the mental aspect of trying to stay focused, concentrating on the juggling, but also trying to get in the zone, relax and let things go naturally."

Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy is a sports reporter for the Forum. He's covered high school and college sports in Chicago, North Dakota and Minnesota since 2009 and, for some reason, has been given awards for doing so.

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