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McFeely: Sam Houston State head coach doesn't lack confidence, words or playoff wins

Sam Houston State head coach K.C. Keeler has coached in the FCS championship game as recently as four years ago with Delaware. USA Today Sports

There is a group of people reporters, particularly columnists, like more than any other. It is those people who have a thought in their head and when they open their mouth to share that thought with the world … it comes out unfiltered.

Such people are increasingly rare in this Internet-driven world, where a spicy quote will go global in a matter of seconds. They are almost non-existent in college football, where coaches and players generally would rather be punched below the waist than offer bulletin board material for an opponent.

Thank goodness those of us who cover the Football Championship Subdivision on a regular basis have Sam Houston State coach K.C. Keeler.

K.C. has never lacked for confidence, he’s never short of words and his filter is thin and tattered — if one exists at all. He’s bringing his Bearkats to Fargo this week to play North Dakota State in the playoffs semifinals.

This is good. It should be a fun week, if for no other reason that there is no false modesty when it comes to Keeler. While some coaches might aw-shucks or gee-whiz their way through local interviews when playing the mighty Bison, Keeler is more likely to shoot from the lip.

After Sam Houston State survived the quarterfinals Saturday by beating Kennesaw State 34-27, Keeler praised the Owls’ defense by saying this: “Anytime you hold us under 40 points, you’re doing a phenomenal job.”

How’s that for patting yourself on the back while giving a compliment to another team?