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Gene Taylor to make $245K in first year at Iowa

FARGO – North Dakota State athletic director Gene Taylor signed his letter of agreement with the University of Iowa this week for a salary slightly above what he was making at NDSU.

The Forum obtained a copy of the signed offer letter through an open records request to the University of Iowa.

Taylor, who will become the Hawkeyes’ deputy director of athletics, will earn $245,000 his first year – up from the $230,614 he was making at NDSU.

The letter states Taylor’s starting date will be Aug. 4 and that his contract will be for a two-year term, with the ability to add an additional year prior to June 30, 2015.

Contingent upon satisfactory performance following Taylor’s first year at the school, the letter states his second-year salary will be $260,000.

Taylor, in accepting the Iowa position last week, said his main motivation for doing so was to put himself in position to move up the athletic director chain at a Bowl Championship Series program. As the deputy director, he is the No. 2 man in the Hawkeyes athletic department behind athletic director Gary Barta.

“If the BCS route is the way I want to go, this is the step I may have to take,” he said.