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Senior spotlight: Bison running back Bruce Anderson

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North Dakota State running back Bruce Anderson from Ruskin, Fla. David Samson / The Forum2 / 2

Senior spotlight: Bison running back Bruce Anderson

Q: What is one thing most people don't know about you?

I would say that I was born Germany. And the reason most people don't know that about me is because my father was in the Air Force so we traveled around the country a lot.

Q: Who is your hero?

My hero is my father and my mother because they just gave up a lot, just for me to be able to do the things I can currently do and stuff, playing college football. And just younger, I would say. They would just make a bunch of sacrifices for me.

Q: What is your best sports memory?

My best sports memory would have to be UNI (Northern Iowa) my freshman year. I remember halftime, (Nate) Tanguay came up to me, slapped me in the head, he said 'Hey rookie, I need to you get a kick return for us. You're going out there right now. We need a touchdown.' As everybody remembers, I kind of got it done. I would say that's my best sports memory.

Q: Who is your favorite cartoon character?

My favorite cartoon character would be Jerry the mouse from 'Tom and Jerry.' He's a funny guy. He's always messing with Tom so I would say Jerry for sure.

Q: If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

If I got one superpower, I would want to teleport. Just go anywhere just like that would be probably amazing. So I'm pretty sure a lot of people would want to do that. That would be a good superpower.

Q: What is your dream concert?

My dream concert, anything J. Cole. That's one of my favorite artists. So I would say if I had a chance to go to a concert, I'm always busy around that time, I would love to make one of his concerts.

Q: Who has the best hair on the team?

The best hair on the team, I would probably say Cam (Pedersen) right now. He's trying to grow a little flow right now so it's pretty nice.

Q: What is the best gift you've ever received?

The gift of life, that's the best gift I've ever received. Just being born from my mother and father, that's the best gift.

Eric Peterson
Peterson covers college athletics for The Forum, including Concordia College and Minnesota State Moorhead. He also covers the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks independent baseball team and helps out with North Dakota State football coverage. Peterson has been working at the newspaper since 1996.

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