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Forty-seven killed in TransAsia plane crash

Relatives watch their worst nightmare unfold. A TransAsia Airways plane lies in a mangled wreck, after it crashed during a second attempt to land on a Taiwanese island. Forty-seven people are killed, and 11 others are taken to a hospital for their injuries. Few emotional stories of rescue are told: (SOUNDBITE) (Mandarin) UNIDENTIFIED RELATIVE WITH DAUGHTER ON PLANE SAYING: "My daughter called me. She said, 'Mom, my plane crashed.' She said she climbed out (of the plane) and borrowed a phone from someone." Other relatives received the horrific news at the airport. And TransAsia's president made a heartfelt apology. The plane attempted to land in a thunderstorm, on the same day Typhoon Matmo struck. But according to an official, air traffic control reported the weather did not exceed international regulations for landing.