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Quite the change from yesterday as colder air has now overspread the region. The wind has also been howling! We’ve had northwest winds of 20-35 mph, and there have even been gusts over 50 mph. Some place also dealt with snow last night, mainly in South Dakota and parts of Minnesota. With the wind today, many who had the snow also dealt with blizzard conditions. Luckily, conditions will be improving through the evening. Temperatures will continue to drop through the evening.


Expect a mostly cloudy sky through the night. There may also be a few flurries here or there. It will also turn very cold as temperatures fall below zero, and wind chills fall into the -20 to -35 range.

Lows: -16°F to -8°F
Wind: W/NW 10-25 mph


Tomorrow will be a quieter day, but it will be very cold. We’ll have a mix of clouds and sunshine, but temperatures will only make it into the single digits.

Evening Temps: 0°F to 8°F
Wind: W/NW 10-20 mph

Extended Forecast

This cold snap will be short lived because warmer air will begin to overspread the region on Thursday. Southerly winds on Thursday will push temperatures up into the 20s. Highs will be up into the 30s by Friday and Saturday. Right now, it looks like many of us will warm into the 40s by next week, but some could even make it into the 50s. This mild weather is expected to last through much of next week.

Have a pleasant evening, and get ready for warmer weather!
- Aaron White
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