Altru stretches to accommodate more COVID-19 patients

In the parking lot of Altru Hospital, located at 1200 S. Columbia Road, a Bundt-cake fundraiser will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 25. The fundraiser will also be held, during those hours on Wednesday, Aug. 26, at the Altru Professional Center, 4440 S. Washington St.

GRAND FORKS — Altru reported it has expanded into extra beds as the hospital sees an increase in COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization, according to a statement released on Wednesday, Nov. 4, by Annie Bonzer, manager of marketing communications at Altru Health System in Grand Forks.

"We can accommodate up to 50 patients with COVID as our staffing resources allow," Bonzer said. "This number will remain fluid as we flex to accommodate the needs presented to our hospital. We must remain accessible to all patients – those with COVID-19 and those with other needs, especially emergent needs, such as stroke, heart attack and trauma. It is imperative that the community understand they should continue to access appropriate care when they need it."

An influx in testing demand is stressing Altru's curbside testing, with those appointments being scheduling out to as much as 48 hours.

"With this, we are seeing patients with less severe COVID-19 symptoms present to our emergency department," said Bonzer, noting that four Express Clinic locations are available for care and testing and are accessible on a walk-in basis. "We encourage the community to utilize these locations so the emergency department remains accessible for those with more severe care needs."

As of the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 4, Altru reported 36 COVID-19 patients in the hospital, including six in the ICU.

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