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Ann Bailey

I'm a journalism veteran with more than 35 years of reporting and editing experiences on a variety of topics including, news, feature, agriculture and business. You can reach me with story ideas or questions by email at: or phone at: (701) 780-1124.

Dean Aakre prepared and coordinated 4–H contests, including livestock, crops and range judging contests across North Dakota.
The museum building was built in 1928 by Joseph Bell DeRemer, and his son Samuel Teel DeRemer. The DeRemers, who were well-known architects, also built several structures on the UND campus, a number of churches in Grand Forks and the North Dakota Capitol in Bismarck.
The 89-year-old garden, which straddles the border between the United States and Canada, is made up of 2,399 acres of gardens, fountains and buildings that include a conservatory, greenhouses and interpretive buildings.
Ice Cream Island owners Hallie Strem, Brooklyn Strem and Mya Haaven keep their pontoon at Oak Cove Resort and Marine on Maple Lake. They drive to locations around the lake, drop an anchor and start selling ice cream.
The condition of North Dakota potatoes, which includes processing and fresh stock, in the week that ended Sunday, Aug. 23, was 8% very poor, 14% poor and 63% fair, National Agricultural Statistics-North Dakota said. The agency rated only 13% of the crop good, and 2% excellent.
Sugar beet yields this year are estimated at 25.5 tons per acre, and American Crystal Sugar pegs total production at about 10.5 million tons, said Steve Rosenau, American Crystal Sugar director of agriculture. Yields in 2020 averaged slightly more than 25 tons per acre, and total production was 10.1 million tons per acre.
Elisa and Jeremy Ratliff and several other couples were drawn to northeast North Dakota because they perceive that it has a safer, less hectic lifestyle, said Dawn Mandt, Red River Region Council executive director.
Most farmers in northeast North Dakota and northwest Minnesota have completed their harvests or expected to complete them by the end of the week, barring rain delays.
Because of the uncertainties surrounding the opening of the Canadian border, Bill Kolansky isn’t making any bets on exactly how many American campers will arrive at Crowduck Lake Camp on Aug. 9 and in succeeding days.
Eric Reinbold, of Oklee, Minnesota, faces two charges of murder in the second degree in the death of his wife Lissette.