Jeff Pieters


Jeff Pieters is editor of the Post Bulletin. He joined the staff as a reporter in 2001, and has been editor since 2019.

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You can pick information and interpret it in a way that makes you wiser, kinder and a more loving human being with a more hopeful and inspiring view of the world.
Embrace forgiveness, and set aside the toxicity of back-and-forth retributions.
Kinder people are thus happier and healthier, and they live longer.
Good reporters and historians try their best not to be biased. I should look at my past with their eyes.
Even just feeling active pays dividends in a longer lifespan.
Want to give the graduate a gift? Give them this wish.
Hearing the driver's life story elicited sympathy for a small inconvenience.
Expectations, competition and perfectionism rob simple pleasures of their joy.
"It's a case with no easy answers," said Terry Walters, David Brom's trial attorney.
Anchor your self-worth in the intentions and effort, and not the outcome.