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Grande represented the 41st District in the N.D. Legislature from 1996 to 2014. She is CEO of the Roughrider Policy Center, an "innovation over regulation" think tank. She is a wife, mom, grandma, lover of life and Jesus. Opinions are solely her own.


Columnist Bette Grande writes about bills to watch in the second half of North Dakota's legislative session.
"Despite the mounting evidence questioning the safety and efficacy of these COVID shots, the CDC and the FDA are doubling down," columnist Bette Grande writes.
Grande discusses bills in the North Dakota Legislature aimed at food security.
"The foundation for every wacky 'green' idea we are seeing today was laid years ago, usually in California," columnist Bette Grande writes.
Columnist Bette Grand writes, "North Dakota has much to offer and several important bills before the Legislature will make the state even more attractive to workers and young families."
Bette Grande writes, "At a time when math is seen by some to be racist and others say grammar rules are based on white supremacy, even implying that students, teachers, parents and taxpayers can have expectations is probably a nonstarter."
"Throughout North Dakota’s pro-life laws you see terms 'reasonable medical judgment' and 'professional judgement' to inform and protect doctors who act in the best interests of their patients," writes InForum columnist Bette Grande. "These laws are not threatening or chilling to doctors unless someone is looking for an excuse."
Columnist Bette Grande shares thoughts on the midterm elections.
Columnist Bette Grande writes, "Far too many people simply do not understand what it takes to feed the world."
Columnist Bette Grande writes, "