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Bette Grande


Grande represented the 41st District in the N.D. Legislature from 1996 to 2014. She is CEO of the Roughrider Policy Center, an "innovation over regulation" think tank. She is a wife, mom, grandma, lover of life and Jesus. Opinions are solely her own.

Grande writes, "The incoming Supreme Court Justice who supports a women’s right to choose an abortion cannot even define what a woman is. That is where we are at today. There cannot be a meaningful discussion when we hold such different views on science, on the meaning of words, on what it means to be a member of society."

In this week's column, Bette Grande shares portions of President Reagan’s first inaugural address given just over 40 years ago.
Grande writes, "If you like a good steak, and trust me grilling season will come, eventually, now is the time to find a local rancher offering farm to table beef and other products. It will give you some food security and it will help the ranchers who are struggling."
Grande writes, "North Dakota United published a survey citing crushing workloads, stagnant pay and political interference pushing educators to leave their jobs. Now the cynical among you may look at the calendar and realize that - as consistent as Ground Hog Day - we will see a series of articles and supporting letters to the editor on issues related to teacher morale and compensation that appear just as the annual negotiations between teachers and school boards get underway. "
Grande writes, "Many of the baby boomers in the Democratic Party were the flower children of the 60s and 70s, anti-establishment, fight the man, and all that. But today a majority wants government to call out the National Guard against their neighbors and believe social media should be used to track and quiet any who question or disagree. Let that sink in."
Grande writes, "Carbon-based energy is a blessing. Staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer requires reliable and abundant energy. Surviving and flourishing in much of the world relies on coal, oil, and natural gas. Yet, all we see and hear about is wind and solar."
Grande writes, "A child is born, a son is given, that is our hope for the future, our hope for our children and grandchildren. May you and your families be blessed this Christmas and in 2022."
Analysis of independent voters in Virginia’s election shows that these voters are not at all interested in the old red versus blue political issues of the past 20 years, but they are very motivated on education issues.
Grande writes, "North Dakota has joined three separate lawsuits to challenge the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate push. A federal court issued an injunction to stop OSHA from implementing and enforcing a mandate for large companies and several lawsuits have been consolidated in the Sixth Circuit."
Grande writes, "So, without any evidence, without proof, they claim candidates, parents and others are using secret, coded, 'dog whistle' signals to push a racist agenda. Democrats have tried the dog whistle ploy before, it is almost universal in coverage of the recent elections. They ignore legitimate questions on curriculum or a school board that tries to cover up sexual assault as motivators for voters."
Grande writes, "Farmers suffered through a drought last summer and ranchers are going into winter without enough hay and feed. Fuel costs are way up, and the cost of natural gas will impact the cost and supply of fertilizer. In other words, the price of a loaf of bread or a ribeye is not going down anytime soon."