It wasn't that long ago. 2014.

North Dakota State had its record 33 game win streak ended with a thud at Northern Iowa, a 20 point defeat.

"Something I think that will never be done again.To win as many games as we have in a row, I'd be hard pressed any FCS school can do that again." then head coach Chris Klieman said.

I hate to correct the head coach but apparently there is an FCS school that can do it again. The same school.

The Bison are on the doorstep of history, they head to Southern Illinois winners of 32 straight. They haven't lost in 739 days. Those numbers are astounding.

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Saying them out loud makes it hard to grasp or understand what we are witnessing. Simply put it's history. I've had fans come up to me and tell me the games are boring, we know NDSU is going to win, we know they're going to win by thirty. And yes that's happened, remarkably 29 of the 32 wins have been by double digits.

Fans have stopped filling the dome. For those that have stopped going all I'll say is this. Ask UCLA basketball fans about winning ten titles in eleven years. The Yankees winning new 12 championships in 17 years. NDSU is nearing that rarified air.

If winning is boring, would you prefer the alternative? 3-8 seasons and empty Fargodome?

We're witnessing history. It may just take a few years for us all to appreciate what we've seen.