We witnessed perfection this past weekend in Frisco.

North Dakota State completed the first 16-0 season in FCS history, the Bison are the first 16-0 college team since the Yale Bulldogs in 1894. Now I get there are some that think that NDSU has conquered all it can in FCS and the Bison domination is bad for the division.

I have the opposite thought. It's time the rest of the FCS to get better. Montana State head coach Jeff Choate complained before the semifinal game with NDSU that they're not on the same level because NDSU has cost of attendance and his school doesn't. Memo to Choate, NDSU isn't the only school doing it. UND and South Dakota both have cost of attendance. SDSU is phasing it in.

How is any of this unfair? Montana State and Montana play in beautiful packed stadiums in large cities. SDSU has the best facilites in the FCS. JMU has all the markings of an FBS program. The problem lies with how many FCS teams are really trying to win.

Today the news came down that Missouri State, a team perenially last in the Missouri Valley, they haven't made the playoffs in 30 years, hired Bobby Petrino, a winner at Louisville and Arkansas with the hopes of making the Bears relevant.

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There are haves and have nots in all sports. LSU and Clemson have things that Indiana and Rutgers will never have. It's the same in the FCS. The problem here is NDSU is aspiring to be as good as FBS teams.

How many in the FCS can claim that and why is that NDSU's fault?