MOORHEAD, MN - Three years ago Tyler Bormann was the head coach at Breckenridge, where he discovered a tall and lanky freshman in Noah Christensen. Bormann was impressed by Christensen's size and maturity playing at the varsity level at such a young age.

Bormann had a similar reaction to Maleeck Harden-Hayes, once he took over as head coach for the Moorhead Spuds in May of 2016.

In November Christensen signed to play at North Dakota State, Harden-Hayes joined him in the Class of 2019 this weekend, giving Bormann a special connection to these future Bison.

"I feel fortunate, to be honest with you. Good players make coaching a lot easier and both of those young men are, not only great players they're great kids. Noah and Maleeck were kids who were easy to coach," Bormann said.

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"For Bison fans I think it's tremendous, my understanding was one of the fears when going division one was are we going to be able to support local kids playing at this level and I think the answer over time has been yeah, absolutely," Bormann noted.

Bormann adds that the level of basketball in the state of Minnesota has never been better. "The basketball is Minnesota right now is outstanding. You see numerous high major coaches at high school games in Minnesota."

Christensen and Harden-Hayes mark the first Division One boys basketball commits to head to NDSU.