FARGO — Say the name Eric Reveno before 12:18 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 3, and I would have no clue to who he is or what he does. Say one thing about Twitter: it exposes you to people across the country.

Reveno is the associate head men's basketball coach at Georgia Tech and he has an idea that is brilliant: Make Nov. 3 a mandatory day off for all NCAA teams. That is the day of the federal election.

"We must empower, educate and guide our athletes to be part of the change," Reveno wrote. "We need action. There is symbolism in every holiday and it's powerful."

It can be especially powerful in light of the movement to try and rid our society of racial injustices. Many coaches have pointed it out with tweets over the last week and many have included a sentence or two in reference to statements don't change anything but action does. Reveno's idea is action, letting student-athletes know that their vote can make a difference in the leadership of our cities, counties, states and country.

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My college fraternity once had a slogan called LeaderShape. Leaders shape the future, ATO shapes leaders. We need to shape leaders. We need to shape up our attitudes on diversity. I know; I've seen it affect my family. It takes ideas to foster change, like the one Reveno put out today.

What else you got people? Let's go.