What is your favorite place to eat in Fargo-Moorhead?

“Either JL Beers or Vinyl Taco.”

What are your favorite memories of being a Bison football player?

“We’re just a family. We just have this bond and whatnot. It doesn’t even matter if it’s memories from yesterday or memories from five years ago. It’s just like a brotherhood. You can go to anyone here and it’s just like a memory of something, either if it’s at the championship game or just in the dining center. Everything here is a big memory to me.”

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What do you hope to do after NDSU?

“I hope to get into the business field to start my career in the Cities hopefully. If that doesn’t work out probably stay here in Moorhead with my mom for about another two years then branch out, go to the Cities and eventually make it to San Diego where I was originally born and raised.”

Do you have a pregame ritual?

“My pregame ritual is playing catch with Marquise Bridges. For warmups, we always are out there about 90 minutes before the game, we’re always tossing the ball for a good 30 minutes just to get our legs and hands warmed up.”

What song is No. 1 on your music playlist at the moment?

“Probably...I don’t know ‘Baby’ by Dababy and Lil Baby."

If every player in your position group lined up for a foot race, who would win?

“You know me. I’m always the winner. Come on, now. Marquise is slow. I’m going to win that race all the time.”

What is a talent you have that might surprise people?

“Even though I’m a little short, I’m a pretty good basketball player. You can even ask (former Bison guard) Malik Clements. Go ask him. We were playing at the Wellness Center and I hit a little step-back game-winning point on him. It was pretty sweet.”

What is the most overrated movie of all time?

“I’m going to go with Avatar: The Last Airbender is the movie you should not watch. Don’t waste your time watching it.”