What is your favorite place to eat in Fargo-Moorhead?

“Jersey Mikes. I’m from the cities and they don’t really have Jersey Mike’s down there.”

What are your favorite memories of being a Bison football player?

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“Either beating Iowa or the national championship game last year.”

What do you hope to do after NDSU?

“I’m trying to pursue something in sales. I see my mom and my dad, they’re in sales, so I’d like to do something in that area.”

How did you get started playing football?

“I started playing football around when I was five. Just started playing flag football and ever since then I just kept going with it.”

Do you have a pregame ritual?

“I just try to stay as loose as possible. I try not to be too serious, try talking with most of the guys, listen to some music. Nothing too serious.”

What song is No. 1 on your music playlist at the moment?

“I don’t know if I have a certain song that’s at the top of my playlist, but it has to be something (by) either Drake or Gunna.”

If every player in your position group lined up for a foot race, who would win?

“I would absolutely win that race.”

What is a talent you have that might surprise people?

“I have a black belt in Taekwondo. So that might surprise some people.”

Who is the best dancer on the team?

“Jaxon Brown. He’s just freestylin’ out there. He doesn’t really have a certain move.”

What is the most overrated movie ever made?

“I would say Star Trek...I just think it sucks.”