"These are our famous tailgate wings," said Frisco resident Doug Kline.

His grill is one of the tastiest in Tailgate Town outside of Toyota Stadium. He's been in Frisco since the first-ever game in 2010 when tickets were given away to local residents.

"We were the only ones in the parking lot," he said while showing us a picture.

Then Bison Nation started coming to Frisco.

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"Wow they travel well, I played major college football and we didn't travel as well as North Dakota does," said Kline.

A pretty impressive compliment considering Kline played linebacker for UCLA in the 80s. His team finished in the top 5 twice. The other guy in a picture he showed us, his good friend and Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman.

"The Bison play football as well as anybody," said Kline.

While the smoke from the grill smells good it was when Kline threw up a Bison flag that grabbed the attention of Bison Nation.

"All of our tailgates have been done by the Texas crew," said Curtis Vachal of Ross, North Dakota. He's made 7 trips to Frisco.

About 50 members of the Herd now call "Frisco Doug's" tent home each year before the game. They return the favor as Kline makes a trip to North Dakota every so often for a Bison game.

"Our families have inter-connected, our Texas family grows every year," said Vachal.

This year though it got a little interesting under the tent. Kline's niece attends James Madison University and she brought some of her friends with.

"NDSU fans are so nice, we can't trash talk them, they are so friendly," said Brynn Lembke a junior at JMU. "Win or lose we are coming back to ribs at least."

"It's still go Bison," said Kline with a soft laugh.

After the Bison escaped with another historic win some comfort was needed by Dukes fans.

"We came back to some good food, good company, it's all good," said Lembke.

It's not about the color of your school under this tent.

"It's been a blessing to have them in our lives," said Vachal.

Frisco Doug says no matter whose playing for the title next year, he'll be here but he has a good feeling so will Bison Nation.

"They will be back in the national championship game next year," said Kline.

Frisco Doug won't have to wait that long to reunite with Bison Nation. He has already planned a trip to the Fargo Dome this fall along with a hunting trip.