I was a guest on Portland, Ore., columnist/talk-show host John Canzano's radio program on 750 The Game this week to chat about the possibility of the Oregon-North Dakota State football game being played and, from John's perspective, why nobody in Oregon is talking about it.

That answer's easy: Because the Bison-Ducks game is scheduled Sept. 5 and Oregon has a little football school named Ohio State scheduled the next Saturday.

It was interesting talking with John because it seemed he had little knowledge of NDSU, other than perhaps that's where Carson Wentz played, despite the Bison's resounding success in FCS (and against FBS opponents) the last decade. It should serve as a reminder to Bison fans (and the athletic department) that not EVERYBODY knows about NDSU football.

When John asked me if I thought NDSU would get boat-raced at Autzen Stadium by the defending Rose Bowl champions, I said I didn't think so. Oregon will be strong favorites, but I think the Bison are good enough and play the right style of football to at least hang in and not let the game get away.

And, of course, there's a history of NDSU picking off some pretty good FBS teams like Iowa and Kansas State.

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After I left the show, John predicted Oregon would win going away in a blowout.

The biggest question for now remains the most basic: Will the game be played?

I opined earlier this week that the possibility of the game happening is trending in the right direction. You can read about that here:

McFeely: It once seemed unthinkable, but trend now favors NDSU-Oregon game being played

Here is the archived recording of John's show from Tuesday. My interview begins at about the 1:12:00 mark. Give it a listen: