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Brandon Veale

Sports Editor

Brandon Veale resumed a career devoted to local sports when he took over as sports editor at the DNT in 2021. Before that, he had been a sports writer and editor in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for eight years before coming to Duluth to serve in a variety of page designing and editing roles.

Outside the arena, Brandon enjoys good food, being musical and practicing his Christian faith.

More than 100 cars arrived in Duluth on Friday night to conclude a leg of the annual event, which started in Warwick, Rhode Island, and concludes Sunday in Fargo.
All Olympic fans owe Tokyo a debt, not only for those who organized these Games, but for Japan's willingness to let the world dream.
Five rings in the Land of 10,000 Lakes? You betcha.
TOKYO OLYMPICS: You didn't know who Marcell Jacobs was yesterday, but a lot of people will know who he is tomorrow.
Japan's capital hosted a meaningful Summer Olympics 57 years ago. They probably wish the current edition had gone this well.
They can be once-in-a-lifetime experiences, so these Olympians couldn't miss it, even if their doctors think they probably should have.