FARGO - Office Sign Co. is doing its part to beautify downtown Fargo.

The business recently held a contest that involved its graphic design team, which was asked to come up with things Office Sign might do to bring art to its neighborhood, the 300 block of NP Avenue.

Followers of Office Sign Co. on social media voted for their favorite design, which was submitted by Chelsie Heide, a graphic designer with the sign company.

Heide's image of a downtown Fargo scene superimposed on the shape of a bison was printed on a digital vinyl wrap and applied to the garage door at the back of the sign company.

Jack Yakowicz, account manager at the business, described the winning image as "a tribute to the Bison-crazed culture here, and the question that almost all of us Fargoans receive at some point: 'Oh, you're from Fargo? Like the movie?' "