FARGO - Brent Teiken, CEO and co-founder of Fargo-based Sundog Interactive, is featured in an article posted Wednesday afternoon on Forbes.com.

The Q&A piece, by Susan Adams, is titled "How A Local Entrepreneur Built A High Tech Marketing Agency In Fargo, North Dakota." It's part of an online series of interviews with entrepreneurs.

"Brent Teiken, 45, is CEO and cofounder of Sundog Interactive, a tech-based business-to-business marketing company that helps clients, particularly manufacturers, make use of all the data they gather on their sales leads and customers. Based in Fargo, ND, 20-year-old Sundog has 85 employees, an office outside Minneapolis, and 2015 profits of $400,000 on $10 million in revenue," Adams writes.

Adams also references the movie and FX television series "Fargo," noting in one question that "people think of the place as a barren, mildly creepy backwater."

Throughout, Teiken talks about his background, Sundog's early days, mistakes the company has made, and how it hires and retains talent, including its decision to become partially employee-owned.

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"It's the way we do things in the Midwest. We want to reward people for what they do and make sure they own a piece of it," he says in the story.

Heidi Haaven, Sundog's communications director, said the interview was done Wednesday morning. "We're really proud of Brent," she said. "He absolutely deserves this."