HOPE, N.D. – CHS Dakota Plains Ag first began using fleet management software to track its trucks, sprayers and other assets several years ago. The intent was to reduce idle time and lower fuel costs, but Matt Lugert, fertilizer manager at the cooperative's Kindred location, said the data was somewhat unreliable at first.

"There were multiple times with the other system where our machines were coming in the yard that hadn't pinged for like five minutes," he said. "It showed on the screen it was still out in the field 5 miles away, and instead it's sitting here in our yard."

That changed four years ago when they started using software built by Razor Tracking, a cloud-based GPS software company based in Hope and West Fargo.

"I can guarantee you that it's the best tracking system in the industry compared to all the other ones we've used," Lugert said.

Because it updates location several times a minute, Lugert is able to track each vehicle in real time. This allows him to do things like have fertilizer mixed and ready to load the minute a truck returns to the yard, which can save 15 to 20 minutes of idle time per load.

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Razor Tracking partner Casey McCullough is using stats like Lugert's to boost sales. In October, he restructured the company's sales strategy to focus more heavily on return on investment.

Clients can save anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 per unit or vehicle, he said. Larger clients have shown between a 25 and 35 percent efficiency increase in their entire operation within the first 30 days.

"Once we put a lot of numbers behind it to show exactly how it helps instead of what it does, our business has doubled," he said. "We're going to have probably 300 percent growth this year."

McCullough, who also owns Green Street Promotions, was initially approached by Razor Tracking investors to serve as a sales and marketing consultant. Instead, he and colleague Eric Mauch, who was approached to advise the company on the software side, joined the company as partners.

"We basically took it and restarted it from the ground up," McCullough said.

In addition to agronomy centers, Mauch said the software is also popular with construction companies and city municipalities that use it to track snowplows, garbage trucks and street sweepers.

How it works

A piece of hardware is attached to the vehicle or any other asset a client would like to track, such as trailers or generators.

The device reports the asset's location back to Razor Tracking several times a minute. Because the software is cloud-based, all the client needs is an Internet connection to access their account from a phone, tablet or computer.

Razor Tracking software is capable of doing more than simply track a vehicle's location. McCullough said they are continually adding features based on customer feedback. Other features include email alerts if a driver has been speeding or if a vehicle is due for scheduled maintenance.

There is no contract required, something Mauch said contributes to the company's 100 percent customer satisfaction rating.

"We haven't lost a customer because they didn't like the system. If we have, it's because they went out of business or sold their equipment," he said. "We feel it holds us accountable as well. If we don't have a contract, every day we have to provide the highest level of customer service and our system has to be the best system out there."



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