FARGO - Few things spoil the end of a vacation more than scraping snow and ice off the car in the airport parking lot. If it's a filthy car, even worse.

That's where a local auto detailer wants to help. Limitless Car Care Services recently debuted a Clean and Fly package that allows customers to drop their vehicle off on the way to the airport. Their employees will take you the rest of the way and pick you up when you return.

Sales manager Chad Buechler said it's a service they've been providing his brother, Tyler Buechler, for years.

"My brother travels a lot for work. When he leaves town, we would always bring his vehicle in here and clean it for him while he was gone so he didn't have to leave it at the airport," he said. "We had friends tell us that was a fantastic idea and that we should start offering it as a service."

Limitless Car Care Services gets a large portion of their business from car dealerships like Gateway and Ness Auto Sales. The Clean and Fly package is a way to attract more individual customers.

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Clean and protected

Buechler said detailing is about more than just cleaning a car, it's providing vehicle protection.

"If people get their vehicles detailed, we can put a protective coating on it so that the snow and the ice and the de-icing agent they mix in with all that will wash off a lot easier and won't stick to the vehicle as much," he said.

Oscar Aranda, the shop manager, said detailing a car makes it last longer.

"Some people think we're just out to make money because we're saying to detail your car, but in all actuality, this will make your car last longer," he said. "Especially in the winters up here where we get a lot of snow, sand and salt, it really does help the longevity of your car."

Packages range from $74.99 to $349, depending on the services included. All of their cleaning products are eco-friendly.

Aranda said no vehicle is too dirty.

"That's what we do. That's what we're here for. We couldn't exist if everyone's vehicle stayed clean," he said. "Accidents happen. It's better to deal with a little bit of embarrassment and get it taken care of right away."


10-year anniversary

Limitless Car Care Services will celebrate 10 years in business Nov. 1. The company was started by Buechler's parents, Alvin and Darlene Buechler, in 2006. Now, they want to spend less time at the business and intend to turn it over to Buechler and Aranda.

"One day, Oscar and I are going to take the reins officially and hopefully turn this into a business that the entire town and surrounding towns can enjoy," Buechler said.

"We're looking to bigger and better things," Aranda added.


Business profile

What: Limitless Car Care Services

Where: 1274 46th St. N., Fargo

Contact: (701) 364-5489

Online: www.limitlesscarservices.com