Winner: Best Jeweler 2017

Winner: Crown Jewels

Location: 4487 Calico Dr. S., Fargo


What does it mean for your business to win?

"I would say we are humbled by the honor and very thankful to all that voted and to our customers that voted. It is certainly something we are very proud of and we will continue to take care of people to earn that honor every day," said owner Greg Stephens.


What sets you apart from other jewelry stores?

"You know, I would say based on the response that we got, customer service is a big piece to that puzzle. Customers were voting and I think that speaks volumes," said Stephens.


What's your favorite stone and metal combo?

"It can really depend. Generally speaking, our creations come from gold and diamonds. That is where we specialize and hang our hats," said Stephens. "There's nothing more brilliant and beautiful than a nice quality, round, brilliant-cut diamond."


What's the best reason to give someone jewelry?

"You know, there are so many different reasons. Obviously the engagement process, but there are so many events--birthdays, milestones, jobs. There is always a good reason to give jewelry. It is something that they will remember forever."


Second Place: Royal Jewelers

Third Place: Wimmer's Diamonds