Winner: Best Moorhead Restaurant 2017

Winner: Rustica Eatery and Tavern


Location: 315 Main Ave., Moorhead


What is your reaction to winning Best Moorhead Restaurant?

"We're excited that Rustica has been so well received by Moorhead. The residents of Moorhead want more quality choices on their side of the river," said Eric Watson, executive chef and co-owner of Rustica. "We're happy that we can be part of the culinary movement on the Minnesota side and we're looking forward to many more years in this location."


What's great about Rustica's location?

"Primarily our location helps promote the idea of expanding the downtown Moorhead area in terms of dining and entertainment," explains Watson. "Our corner used to be a nightlife hot spot. There's no reason that can't happen again in the near future."


What is your favorite item from the eatery and tavern menus?

"The Duck Pastrami is unique to Rustica. I'd encourage everyone to try it. The Fried Chicken is my personal favorite in the Tavern."


Your beer selection is fantastic. How do you choose what makes it?

"The beer line up is a collective effort between management and bar staff. We prefer to serve beers that our staff appreciate themselves, that way they can personally get behind the product and sell it with confidence."


Second Place: Speak Easy Restaurant

Third Place: Brickhouse Tavern