Winner: Best Pizza 2017

Winner: Rhombus Guys Pizza


Location: 606 Main Ave., Fargo


You've won the best pizza multiple years in a row. What's the secret to Rhombus Guys' success?

"The secret is just to not cut any corners," said general manager Drew Balstad. "Use fresh ingredients, prepared every day. Putting enough care into every pizza to want it to be worthy of the title of being the best. It's easy to cut corners and it's hard to care, and I think we care about every pizza that goes out. And so far the people have agreed with us."


What's the most unusual pizza request you've had?

"We have a particular regular customer that gets a lot of half-and-half pizzas, like, half alfredo sauce, half marinara sauce. And he's requested in the past to get concentric circles of alternating marinara and alfredo so that each bite has both alfredo and marinara because he believes those are the best bites."


What changes has Rhombus Guys seen this past year?

"It's a dynamic market - the restaurant market - in downtown Fargo and just the pizza market in general. We can't really focus on any externalities like that. We just try to focus on being the best that we can and so far it's been pretty good."


Second Place: Duane's House of Pizza

Third Place: Spicy Pie Pizza