Winner: Best Live Local Act 2017

Winner: Tripwire




What's it like being the first act other than 32 Below to win?

"It's a pleasant surprise. We're honored," said guitarist Lars Hegland. "32 Below is such a huge band. Hopefully now we have that name recognition. It feels good to win."


What sets you apart from other local bands?

"We go out in the crowd and talk to anybody. We're on a personal level with a lot of our fans," Hegland said. " We have choreography you wouldn't expect from a rock band. The fact that we switch up instruments, people love to see when I go back and play drums and when Mark (Arneson, drummer) comes up and plays trumpet. Our high energy, our jumping around. We have trampolines onstage too, which is nice."


What's coming up or new for your band?

"We're working on an album. We're mostly a cover band, but we're trying to get back in the studio. That's our goal for the winter," Hegland said.


Second Place: 32 Below

Third Place: The Front Fenders