FARGO-Readers will notice some changes in our Saturday Business section beginning today.

Business announcements-which include the many names and faces often associated with this section-will now be paid items. These include:

• Hires and promotions

• Honors and officers (people getting awards or being named to different boards)

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• Professional development (people who complete training or get certified for certain roles)

• Contributions (Businesses contributing to nonprofit groups)

• Digest (Other business news contributed by outside sources)

When businesses or business people in the past sent us information for these categories, we often edited out material they may have wanted included or emphasized. In short, the newsroom controlled how this information was delivered to the reader rather than those who contributed the information.

By now making this content paid material, we're allowing the contributors to determine how it's shaped and headlined.

Many years ago, we made the same change with our obituaries for the very same reasons-our contributors wanted more control over this material. In the years since, it's turned into a great model for announcements.

We've also made the cost for these business announcements very affordable, as we know this information is also highly valuable for our many readers. You can read about those particulars in the adjacent guidelines item that runs most Saturdays in this section.

Our Business reporters will continue to objectively report the news of our business community in the same manner they always have.