FARGO — Canada continues to be North Dakota’s number one export destination, according to a report summary released by the U.S. Commercial Service's North Dakota office.

While exports were down an overall 14.5% in 2019, coming in at $6.75 billion, they’re still twice what they were in 2000.

A whopping $5.9 billion is exported to Canada, including pipeline crude oil, but that’s slightly less than 2018, according to the report.

The office ranked North Dakota’s top ten export markets for the year:

  1. Canada
  2. Mexico
  3. Australia
  4. Germany
  5. Brazil
  6. Japan
  7. Dominican Republic
  8. Czech Republic
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Russia
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Mexico takes in $228 million of North Dakota exports, approximately 3.4% of the state’s total, a 0.25% increase largely due to wheat, according to the report.

Australia remained in third place, even after a sharp decline of 43%, driven by a decline in the export of machinery, and Brazil moved up 65% to take fifth place.

Overall, petroleum exports decreased from 68.68% in 2018 to 67.3% in 2019.

“Most of this oil is simply going through the pipeline that crosses briefly into Canada and isn’t actually sold into Canada,” according to the report.

In other areas, cereals saw a 14% increase, with corn and wheat both showing gains — in the case of wheat as much as an estimated 19.22%. Soybeans, however, were down 55% totaling only $30 million. Machinery exports also fell 25%, with tractors, self-propelled bulldozers, machinery for soil preparation, cultivation, harvesting and threshing seeing declines.

Wind-powered generating set exports increased over 2,002%, with all exports going to Canada. Ethanol also saw a slight increase of 0.67%, with all $91.6 million going to Canada, as well.

North Dakota placed 35th in the nation for total dollars exported in 2019, according to the report summary.

For more information visit http://export.gov/northdakota/