FARGO — Is there a bank teller or barista who consistently brightens your day?

A recent post to the popular Moorhead=Fantastic group caught my attention:

"Anyone else just absolutely love the gentleman employee at the 8th street Mrhd Starbucks??!??!! I don't go often but he always brings a smile to my face when I swing through the drive-thru. Such a pleasant man! Loves interacting with the customers of all ages!"

The post garnered over 50 comments, including, "I always know I’m going to have an 'above and beyond' experience when I pull up to the window and this man is working!!"

It got me thinking about how much we've relied on drive-thru employees during the pandemic. So, I posted a callout on my personal Facebook page asking for similar stories.

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"Great voice - Hawley DQ," wrote one friend.

Another, who works for Bell Bank, sent me a story about her co-worker, Shelley Goronski, going the extra mile.

"On an especially windy day, even though our customer put their transaction under the weight in the drive-thru drawer, a gust of wind pulled two $100 bills out of the drawer. The customer was able to pull ahead and retrieve one of their bills, but the other was 'gone with the wind'! Teller Shelley Goroski immediately took off running out of the bank and chased the second $100 bill down the sidewalk and into the walking path that goes under Sheyenne Street and 32nd Ave," she wrote. "As she neared the bill, the wind would move it farther down the path. Shelley was finally able to step on the bill and pick it up. She returned to the bank "winded" but with bill in hand and happy that she caught it. The customer was incredibly appreciative!"

I want to hear more drive-thru stories. Send me your examples for a future story about these essential workers. Email me at awieck@forumcomm.com.