7 months after closing down, Fargo DIY Garage finds new home in Moorhead

Owner and military veteran Chris Partridge founded the Fargo DIY Garage in June of 2020. He was forced to close up shop in April, though he never stopped hunting for a new location. Now, he is co-located with Mr. Mechanic at 2320 2nd Ave. N. in Moorhead.

Chris Partridge has moved his Fargo DIY Garage to 2320 2nd Ave. N. in Moorhead.
David Samson/The Forum
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MOORHEAD — The Fargo DIY Garage has settled in a new location across the Red River in Moorhead.

Owner and military veteran Chris Partridge reopened the business, appropriately, on Friday, Nov. 11, at 2320 2nd Ave. N. in Moorhead. The Fargo DIY Garage is sharing the location with Mr. Mechanic.

Partridge opened the business in June of 2020 at 901 Westrac Drive in Fargo. He operated there for nearly two years before temporarily closing down the shop this past April.

Since then, Partridge has been hunting for a location where the numbers would add up, which he believes he has now found. It’s all the better that he is now paired with a fellow veteran-owned business as well. “It was very fortuitous for both of us,” he said.

Not only does the new location add up for Partridge, but it also solves two key dilemmas he faced in his previous shop.


Chris Partridge gives some pointers to Ayub Mohamed of West Fargo as he works on his vehicle at the Fargo DIY Garage in Moorhead.
David Samson/The Forum

For one, Partridge wanted to be connected, both figuratively and literally, with another mechanic. That gives patrons peace of mind knowing that if a do-it-yourself repair job goes south, they won’t need a tow truck to get professional help. “It just strengthens the whole thing,” Partridge said, because people don’t have to wonder about what comes next if their project goes awry. “That worry is basically alleviated.”

It is a scenario that seldom arose in the past but an added benefit no less. Partridge does his part to make sure aspiring grease monkeys don’t get too far over their skis on a repair, warning people when it is best to defer to a professional. “I like to make sure everybody succeeds in the DIY field,” he said. “I really kind of try to steer the whole relationship from beginning to end towards success.”

The other added feature of Fargo DIY Garage’s new location is that Partridge now offers a tire mounting machine. Because tire mounting machines can be dangerous, Partridge won’t allow amateurs to use it, though he offers tire mounting services for $40 to those already renting a repair bay.

Beyond those two improvements, the Fargo DIY Garage features similar amenities as when it first opened, with Partridge offering the same specialty tools and computer software required for virtually any project. “You can work on your car, whatever it is you need to get done on your car, pretty much, I’ve got the stuff to do it,” he remarked.

Appointments at the Fargo DIY Garage are available from Thursday to Sunday. Partridge has three bays available on Thursday and Friday, one on the ground and two with lifts. On the weekends when Mr. Mechanic is closed, the available space expands to six bays, adding in three more with lifts.

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The rental rate for the ground bay with tools is $25 per hour. When customers bring their own tools, the same rate applies for a bay with a lift. A lift bay with the full complement of tools is available for $40 per hour. Further, Partridge offers parts for discounted rates.

All told, Partridge estimated that a do-it-yourself repair can save people between 25% and 50% on a project.

Chris Partridge shows some of his tools at the Fargo DIY Garage located at 2320 2nd Ave. N. in Moorhead.
David Samson/The Forum

As for the business’s name, Partridge plans to stick with Fargo DIY Garage, which he said is a conversation starter now that he is located in Moorhead.


Roughly seven months after closing down, Partridge is thrilled to be back in business. He has had “a lot of fun” meeting people along the way and wants to help people solve their car problems. “I’m just happy that I get to be back into it. I really enjoyed it. I enjoy the conversation, I enjoy the people, the company, the work,” he commented. “I enjoy figuring out stuff.”

The Fargo DIY Garage is located at 2320 2nd Ave. N. in Moorhead.
David Samson/The Forum

Busines profile

WHAT: Fargo DIY Garage
WHERE: 2320 2nd Ave. N., Moorhead
HOURS: Appointments available Thursday to Sunday
RATES: Range from $25 to $40
ONLINE: and Facebook

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