The Forum took home the Sweepstakes Award for cumulative wins at the 2021 North Dakota Newspaper Association's Better Newspaper Contest, winning 27 first-place, 24 second-place and 13 third-place awards as well as 13 honorable mentions.

The Forum also took home the First Amendment award and the General Excellence award for work done in 2020.

Reporter Adam Willis was named Rookie Reporter of the Year.

The Forum was also named the NorthSCAN Top Seller.

First-place winners

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Reporting: Patrick Springer, "A tour of duty"

Reporting series: Adam Willis, "COVID Capital"

Business reporting: Adam Willis, "Surviving the bust"

Sports feature: Carissa Wigginton, "Journey of Fargo South's Sibomana to Bison began in camp"

Sports column: Jeff Kolpack, "With Pete, every day was a Field of Dreams"

Best editorial: Forum staff, "Some of ND's sheriffs are sending the wrong message"

Editorial pages: Angie Wieck

Personal column - serious, Rob Port, "The mask mandate saved my life"

Personal column - humorous, Jessie Veeder, "Baking with your kids in 10 easy steps"

Special news section: Forum News Service staff, "The 2020 Project"

Informational graphics: Troy Becker, "Do you believe in Miracles?"

Online coverage of breaking news: Alex Derosier, Paula Quam and Forum staff, Fargo riot coverage

Best use of social media: Forum staff, Fargo riot coverage

Sports photo: David Samson, "Overtime winner"

Portrait photo: David Samson, "Grant Warkenthien"

Agricultural photo, David Samson, "Late corn harvest"

Picture story: Michael Vosburg, "Grasping an immense loss"

Pictorial photo, Michael Vosburg, "Hazy days"

Entertainment/liquor ad: Tasha Kenyon, Jessica Hastings, "Hair of the Dog Fargo Brewing Company"

Apparel ad: Rebekah Ness, Brenda Lawrence, Keith Harriger, "Talula We Are Open!"

Promotion of newspaper readership, Carli Greninger, "We put Marge in a Mustang!"

Best digital ad: Marketing team, "Share the truth. Share your stories"

Overall design excellence: Forum staff

Second-place winners

Reporting: Jeremy Turley, "True cost of ND's strained hospitals"

Feature reporting, C.S. Hagen, "Finding a friend"

Government reporting: Adam Willis, "The road to ND's mask mandate"

Government series: Jeremy Turley, "North Dakota gas royalties"

Spot news: April Baumgarten, "'Confession of sins'"

Sports pages: Forum staff

Sports reporting: Eric Peterson, "'I'm still in disbelief'"

Sports series: Eric Peterson, "Concordia Cobbers series"

Personal column - humorous, Tammy Swift, "COVID-19 cuts can be hair-raising for both recipient and stylist"

Section/feature front design: Becca Clemens, "Baking for a cause"

Best website: Forum staff

News photo: Alyssa Goelzer, "March on City Hall"

Spot news photo: Dave Olson, "A protester raises an arm"

Pictorial photo: David Samson, "Heavenly sight"

Outdoor recreation photo: David Samson, "Falling toward the finish line"

Vehicle ad: Jason Magstadt, Megan Lynch, Luther Family Ford

Home/gardening ad: Jason Magstadt, Tim Couchman, "Polar Rise"

Single ad: Bethany Loida, Keith Harriger, "Muscatell Pre-Owned Salutes our Veterans"

Ad series: Andy Goble, Brenda Lawrence, Sara Slaby and Keith Harriger, Muscatell Pre-Owned

Small space ad: Brenda Lawrence, Keith Harriger, "Talula"

Financial ad: Stephanie Moore, Laura Eubanks, Vision Bank

Health care ad: Jamie Dettling and creative team, Harper Heights

Use of color: Peg Day, Keith Harriger, Blow's Sew-n-Vac

Signature ad page: Creative and advertising teams, Career Showcase

Third-place winners

Reporting: April Baumgarten, "Why they march"

Feature reporting: Helmut Schmidt, "'Shop dogs' are four-legged ambassadors in F-M"

Government reporting: Thomas Evanella, "'ND Coin' It's not as crazy as it sounds, says one ND legislator"

Spot news: Forum staff, "Peaceful protests take a turn"

Sports reporting: Carissa Wigginton, "Sheyenne running back Kpeenu playing for former classmate"

Sports column: Mike McFeely, "Many Bison players take a knee during National Anthem"

Section/feature front design: Jason Magstadt, "Coming (Back) Soon"

Front page design: Angela Ecklund

News photo: David Samson, "An unfamiliar landscape"

Feature photo: Alyssa Goelzer, "A big musical hug"

Sports photo: Alyssa Goelzer, "Saints take series over RedHawks"

Single ad: Katie Hastings, Tim Couchman, River Pointe

Use of color: Brenda Lawrence, Keith Harriger, Shotwell Flowers Mother's Day

Honorable mentions

Feature reporting, Jim Shaw, "'Bill would have made many good things happen in the world'"

Business reporting: Helmut Schmidt, "Craft beer standout Drekker brews up $20 million expansion"

Sports reporting: Jeff Kolpack, "Losing home football games to the pandemic"

Sports column: Kevin Schnepf, "Many thanks for allowing me to tell your stories"

Agricultural coverage: April Baumgarten, "A Golden Legend"

Personal column - serious: Mike McFeely, "Fargo family caught in social media's dark side"

Personal column - humorous: Mike McFeely, "Who's suitable for a Bismarck mural? I have some ideas"

Sports news photo: David Samson, "Swimmer pulled from the Sheyenne River"

Feature photo: David Samson, "Having a ball"

Picture story: Alyssa Goelzer, "Turning our backs on hate"

Agricultural photo: Michael Vosburg, "Gardening group"

Outdoor recreation photo: Alyssa Goelzer, Racing at the Horse Park

Food ad: Luanna Lake and Tim Couchman, Happy Joe's Pizza