MOORHEAD — The Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce is looking for a new home.

The Chamber sent out a request for proposals for buildings or land to its members in an email to members on Friday, June 25.

The organization currently leases space in Moorhead's Hjemkomst Center, 202 First Ave. N.

Chamber President and CEO Shannon Full said the Chamber has been studying the issue for three years. She said that the growing needs of members and plans to expand offerings required the organization to take this step.

“We don’t have enough space," Full said Friday.

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She said the city of Moorhead has been a "phenomenal" landlord, but that the way that the Hjemkomst Center was designed and built, there is no place to add on the space that the Chamber needs.

A Chamber committee will examine a number of factors, including ease of access, visibility and financial considerations, for potential new sites.

Full emphasized that no matter where the Chamber decides to move, it will emphasize serving its membership.

"We are a regional entity and we are a regional organization and we will continue to represent our entire region, no matter where our location is," Full said. “We wanted to be very transparent with the membership and the community."

The Hjemkomst Center is owned and operated by the city's Parks and Recreation Department. Holly Heitkamp, the department's director, said the Chamber has discussed the matter with city officials.

"It's definitely no surprise," Heitkamp said Friday. "They talked to the mayor and visited with us."

Heitkamp said because of restrictions on the use of the Hjemkomst, which were tied to state grants used to build the facility, the city was unable to offer the Chamber good space alternatives at that site.


According to the Chamber's request for proposals from its members:

“We are reaching out to our members and the community with this Request for Proposal to see if you have an opportunity that may work for our organization,” the email said. “The board has decided that it is in the best interest of the organization to purchase an existing building or lot, rather than lease. The Chamber will not be engaging in any lease opportunities at this time. We require a stand-alone building containing approximately 10,000 square feet or a buildable lot containing approximately 40,000 square feet.

“We are also looking for creative partnerships that may include the donation of land, building, services and/or materials. To further discuss a 501(c)3 charitable tax deduction for donations, please call (Vice President of Finance and Operations) Jim Parsons at (218) 233-1100,” the email said.

Interested property owners were asked to email information on their properties to Parsons at, or to Full at Proposals are due by 5 p.m. July 15.

Information sought on properties includes:

  • Seller
  • Property address and legal description
  • Square footage of the site
  • Current zoning
  • Size of the building, if applicable
  • Number of parking spaces
  • Purchase price
  • 2021 real estate taxes
  • 2021 special assessments installment
  • Special assessments balance
  • Timeframe for possession

The Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce is a regional federation of about 2,000 private, public and nonprofit member organizations representing more than 109,000 people in North Dakota and Minnesota.