FARGO - A new study by Approve.com ranks North Dakota third among states for wage increases between 2010 and 2020.

The study reports the average wage in North Dakota rose 45%, from $38,128 to $55,465.

South Dakota and Montana also made the top 10. The average wage increased 43% in South Dakota, earning them the No. 6 spot. Approve.com reports the average wage increased from $34,331 to $49,167. Montana ranked No. 8, with the average wage increasing 40% from $34,595 to $48,443.

Rounding out the top 10 were Washington, 58%; California, 49%; Massachusetts, 44.9%; Oregon, 43.8%; New Hampshire, 41%; Utah, 39.3%; and Colorado, 39.2%.

Minnesota ranked No. 15, with a 37% increase, from $46,787 to $64,191.

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In comments about North Dakota's third place standing, authors of the study wrote, "In 2010 North Dakota had one of the lowest average annual wages anywhere in the USA, with their $38,128 being around $5,000 lower than the national average. However, since then the upper Midwest state has seen the third-highest increase anywhere with annual wages rising by 45.47% on average so that their wages are currently around the middle of the pack."

The study also sought to predict where workers could expect to earn the highest salary by 2030.

If wage trends continue, Approve.com ranks Washington No. 1, with an average expected wage of $121,545. Other states in the top five include Massachusetts at $121,379; California at $118,553; New York at $114,599; and New Jersey at $97,055.

Minnesota ranks 11th, with a projected average salary of $88,069. North Dakota ranks 17th at $88,069. South Dakota and Montana rank near the bottom. South Dakota comes in at 36th with $70,414 and Montana ranks 39th at $67,834.