MOORHEAD - Forget about a good deed for the day, a Moorhead Boy Scout might have done his good deed for the year in arranging to return a bag of cash to a local businessman.

Fifteen-year-old Jeremy Murray was walking to school Feb. 5 when he found a bank bag belonging to Jay’s Smokin’ BBQ that was stuffed with cash - about $500.

He then contacted his mother about the find, and she called the police department to report the lost bag, the Northern Lights Council of the Boy Scouts of America said in a news release.

Jay’s owner Jacey Henrichs, said Tuesday, March 12, that he hadn’t realized that two days worth of weekend cash receipts had somehow fallen off his car seat and onto the ground next to the south Moorhead street where he and Murray live.

Henrichs said a Moorhead police officer brought the bag to him.

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Not a dime was missing.

“It’s awesome. He’s a great kid,” Henrichs said of Murray. Some people “would have taken the money out and thrown the bag away and been done.”

Murray’s actions earned kudos from the Moorhead Police Department, too.

On Monday, March 4, Murray was given a citizen recognition letter by Police Chief Shannon Monroe.

“We recognize and celebrate your honesty and integrity in making one of our local businesses whole by turning in the bank bag,” Monroe said in his presentation before a group of local Scouts.

Murray told the group that he and a friend support each other in making good decisions.

“We always encourage each other to do the right thing,” Murray said.

Brett Drevlow, a district executive for the Northern Sky District of the BSA’s Northern Lights Council, said Murray acted in the finest traditions of Scouting.

“I’m pleased that we have young men and women in this group representing the scouting organization in such a superb manner,” Drevlow said Monday, March 11. “I’m always very happy to see this happen.”

Henrichs, whose eatery has been open in the Moorhead Center Mall’s food court for just over a year, said Tuesday that losing the money in the bank bag would have been painful.

“I don’t want to lose it. I’m a small guy. I can’t afford to lose it,” Henrichs said, vowing to be more careful with his bank bag. “There’s still bills to pay.”

Henrichs said he rewarded Murray with a Scheels gift card and a gift card to his barbecue place.

“He’s a pretty good kid,” Henrichs said. “There’s good kids in the world. They’re not all bad.”