FARGO — Cereset, a wellness company dedicated to helping people achieve restful and restorative sleep, has opened at 3029 Brandt Drive S. in Fargo.

Dr. Ala Lysyk-Smith, a chiropractor with 23 years of experience, is a co-owner of the local franchise.

Through its BrainEcho technology, Cereset Fargo will help clients relax their brains to reduce stress and achieve more restful sleep. Cereset founder Lee Gerdes used his experience in physics, mathematics, computer software and psychology to develop the technology after a violent attack left him with the inability to sleep for nearly a decade.

“My research led me to discover the power of the brain’s self-healing properties which can improve cognitive function, positive mental attitude and restful sleep in a safe and natural manner,” said Gerdes. “Following several clinical studies proving the technology helps the brain reset itself, we’re pleased to be franchising Cereset to help people around the world achieve more restful sleep.”

For more information, visit www.cereset.com.