135-year-old flower shop in Fargo still spreading romance on Valentine's Day

Shotwell Floral and Greenhouse dates back to 1888 and has been operated by the same family for five generations.

Shotwell Floral.jpg
Shotwell Floral and Greenhouse's current location on 40th Street South in Fargo.
Jay Dahl / WDAY News

FARGO — Customers flocked into Shotwell Floral and Greenhouse for Valentine's Day, Tuesday. Some were picking up orders placed in advance. Others were trying to pick up a present at the last second.

For the local business, this is far from its first Valentine's Day, but selling flowers wasn't always the business plan, according to J.D. Shotwell, owner and president of Shotwell Floral.

"We were actually a company that sold trees for shelter belts back in the beginning of the day, and help protect farmsteads," Shotwell said.

Shotwell is a fifth-generation owner of the business that dates back 135 years to 1888, with its first store in downtown Fargo. That original store was destroyed in a gas explosion in 1968.

At their current location on 40th Street South, Shotwell says the formula for their sustained success is straightforward.


"I think it's back to kind of old school mentality of just making sure that you have good quality product, great customer service," Shotwell said.

According to Shotwell, supply chain issues are driving up prices this year, especially due to the nature of their business.

"Costs quite a bit to ship stuff up from South America, you know you're not going to be growing a whole lot of flowers in Fargo," Shotwell said.

Despite costs and rising prices, he says it's not hurting business this Valentine's Day.

"We haven't seen a huge extra burst more than normal, but it hasn't really slowed down either. So it's been a steady consistent, so we're very fortunate," Shotwell said.

By the end of the day, Shotwell's Valentine's Day collection sold out on their online storefront, showing more of the consistency that has kept them in business all these years.

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