4-H'ers receive awards for static exhibits at ND State Fair

FARGO - 4-H'ers from across the state competed with projects in several categories at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot.

FARGO - 4-H'ers from across the state competed with projects in several categories at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot. Champions and reserve champions from each division are listed alphabetically by county with name, placing and project description.


- Nicole Johnson, Hettinger, reserve champion, Leather Craft, Handbag.

- Liz Seamands, Hettinger, champion, Quilting for Fun, Commercially Quilted Quilt.


- Brea Grueneich, Valley City, champion, Crop Production, Hard Red Spring Wheat Sheaf.

- Jenna Gullickson, Spiritwood, champion, Welding, Table.

- Brian Kawasaki, Valley City, reserve champion, Arts, Scratch Art Picture.

- Cassandra Kunze, Dazey, champion, Communications, Cover Letter With Resume; reserve champion, Photography, Rose, Locket, Love.

- Tyler McFadgen, Valley City, reserve champion, Entomology, Entomology Display.

- Chelsey Olauson, Valley City, champion, Sewing for Fun, Green Gingham Prairie Dress; reserve champion, Do Your Own Thing, Paper Dolls Scrapbook; reserve champion, Cross Stitch Pillow Cases.

- Kassidy Olsen, Sanborn, champion, Cross Stitch, Precious Moments.

- Sarah Schauer, Valley City, champion, Breads, Hobo Bread.

- Adreanna Trzpuc, Kathryn, reserve champion, Goats, Nutrition.


- Ben Backstrom, Maddock, champion, Food Preservation, Salsa; reserve champion, Small Engines, Lego 4-cycle engine model.

- Jakob Schmid, Oberon, reserve champion, Six Easy Bites, Sunflower Seed Cookies.


- Sage Ballantyne, Westhope, champion, Needle Arts, Drum; champion, Flower Arranging, Beaded Gourd; reserve champion, Glue Solution, Birdhouse.


- Anne Duletski, Bowman, champion, Extras For Your Room, Table.

- Olivia Duletski, Bowman, reserve champion, Food Preservation, Cherries; reserve champion, Extras For Your Room, Clock.


- William Bryan, Bowbells, reserve champion, Geospatial, Geocache Display; reserve champion, Do Your Own Thing, My Piano Years.

- Russell Wold, Battleview, champion, Photography, Boy in Wash Tub.

- Thomas Wold, Battleview, champion, Woodworking, Table.


- Haley Filipek, Wing, champion, Scrapbooking, Branding Scrapbook.

- Lauryn Hinckley, Bismarck, champion, Extras For Your Room, Shelf; champion, Consumer Savvy, Spa Birthday Party Plan.

- Katie Johanson, Bismarck, champion, Drawing and Painting, Boy in Cap.

- Abbey Kershaw, Menoken, champion, Do Your Own Thing, Sequence Art; champion, Cross Stitch, Rose.

- Alyssa Kinn, Bismarck, champion, Do Your Own Thing, Lip Gloss.

- Teagan McIntyre, Bismarck, reserve champion, Child Development, ABC/123 Book.

- Mikaela Miller, Bismarck, champion, Leadership, 4-H Leadership Journal With Photos.

- Twila Moser, Bismarck, champion, Photography, Javelin Thrower and Basketball.

- Teresa Renfrow, Bismarck, champion, Drawing and Painting, Horse, Charcoal; reserve champion, Drawing and Painting, Dragon and Rose.

- Austin Steiner, Baldwin, champion, Dogs, 1st Aid Kit.

- Emelie Swonger, Bismarck, reserve champion, Cats, Cat Treats and Tin.

- Brooklyn Vollmer, Wing, champion, Quilting for Fun, Red and Brown Table Runner.


- Andrea Clarens, Fargo, reserve champion, Embroidery for Enjoyment, Hardanger Doily.

- Laura Clarens, Fargo, reserve champion, Food Preservation, Wild Grape Jelly.

- Ariel Gray, Fargo, champion, Horse, Equine Eye.

- Matthew Hockert, Fargo, reserve champion, Wood Arts, Wood Burning.

- Hannah Klinnert, Kindred, champion, Careers, High School Banner; champion, Citizenship, SADD Booklet; reserve champion, Health, Germy Places.

- MacKenzie Koenig, Page, reserve champion, Communications, Brother's Broken Arm Story.

- Mikayla Koenig, Page, champion, Bicycle, ABCs of Bike Check.

- Ryan Kramer, Kindred, reserve champion, Woodworking, Chair.

- Kaleen Krueger, Casselton, reserve champion, Clay and Plasterware, Alligator; reserve champion, Macramé, Display Board.

- Kaylin Lindstrom, Amenia, champion, Food Preservation, Apple Butter.

- Benjamin Longlet, Arthur, reserve champion, Photography, Bird.

- Brianna Maddock, Davenport, reserve champion, Pets, Turtle Care.

- Megan Mathias, Kindred, reserve champion, Sewing for Fun, Car Organizer.

- Alexandra Mohror, Fargo, champion, Drawing and Painting, Still Life Charcoal.

- Tiffany Nipstad, Kindred, champion, Drawing and Painting, Calligraphy.

- Sara Rustad, Kindred, champion, Photography, Bull Riding.


- Garrett Hoffman, Munich, reserve champion, Aerospace, White Rocket.

- Kyla Krahn, Langdon, champion, Communications, Cavalier County 4-H Promo Booklet; champion, Wood Arts, Painted Gifts; champion, Photography, Puppy and Cat; champion, Quilting for Fun, Christmas Table Runner.

- Tasha Krahn, Langdon, champion, Eggs, Brown Eggs.

- Erin Morstad, Hampden, champion, Quilting for Fun, Quilt.


- Bryce Andersen, Oakes, champion, Leadership, 4-H Service Book.

- Bobbi Jo Kronberg, Forbes, champion, Beef, Fat Facts.

- Bailey Sand, Forbes, reserve champion, Leather Craft, Belt.

- Hannah Scheffert, Oakes, champion, Cats, Cat Scratching Post.

- Carley Spiese, Oakes, champion, Theatre Arts, Costume Box.

- Julia Spiese, Oakes, reserve champion, Sewing for Fun, Green/Orange/Pink Purse.


- Casey Brown, Crosby, champion, Welding, Wagon/Trailer.

- Kaydee Brown, Crosby, champion, Foodworks, Peach Pie.

- Taylor Pulvermacher, Crosby, champion, Leather Craft, Saddle.


- Shayly Brew, Manning, reserve champion, Citizenship, Fayette Poster.

- Katie Dressler, Richardton, champion, Decorate Your Duds, Painted Leather Purse.

- Katie Dukart, Manning, champion, Woodworking, Horse Carriage; champion, Six Easy Bites, Hedgehogs Cookies; reserve champion, Crop Production, Hard Red Spring Wheat Sheaf.


- Garrett Becker, McHenry, champion, Crop Production, Hard Red Winter Wheat Sheaf.

- Lauren Becker, McHenry, champion, Sewing for Fun, Brown Print Bag.

- Molly Edlund, McHenry, reserve champion, Quilting for Fun, Flannel Quilt With Embroidery.

- Elizabeth Holzwarth, New Rockford, champion, Child Development, 3 Little Pigs Puppet.

- Evan Swenson, Sheyenne, reserve champion, Eggs, Colored Eggs


- Alyssa Noel, Linton, champion, Drawing and Painting, Marilyn Monroe; reserve champion, Drawing and Painting, Rooster.

- Casondra Rutschke, Zeeland, champion, Money Management, CD Comparison Binder; reserve champion, Exploring 4-H, How to Prevent Household Hazards.


- Breanna Bregel, Carrington, champion, Crop Production, Flax, Rye, Oil Sunflower, Peas; reserve champion, Crop Production, Kidney Beans.

- Caycee Bregel, Carrington, champion, Crop Production, Soybeans, Millet; reserve champion, Crop Production, Hard Red Spring Wheat.

- Ann Endres, Carrington, champion, Crop Production, Soybeans.

- Jill Endres, Carrington, reserve champion, Crop Production, Other Seeds.

- Mariah House, Carrington, champion, Eggs, Brown Eggs, Colored Eggs.

- Hailey Jensen, Carrington, champion, Extras For Your Room, Framed Photo Collage.

- Kread Koepplin, Carrington, reserve champion, Bicycle, Five Star Ride.

- Jessie Topp, Grace City, reserve champion, Sewing Challenges, Green Prom Dress; reserve champion, Quilting for Fun, Quilt.

Grand Forks

- Colvin Abler, Mayville, reserve champion, Citizenship, Lemonade for Food Pantry.

- Laura Brose, Larimore, reserve champion, Photography, Horse Riding.

- Jenna Galegher, Thompson, reserve champion, Money Management, Loan Rate Folder.

- Shannon Galegher, Thompson, reserve champion, Latch Hooking, Country Cottages.

- Collin Granger, Reynolds, reserve champion, Photography, 4 Wheeler.

- Daniel Kraemer, Grand Forks, champion, Communications, Family Newspaper.

- Joe Martin, Emerado, champion, Aerospace, Rocket.

- Molly McHugo, Grand Forks, reserve champion, Leadership, Leadership Poster with CCS Curriculum.

- Ryan McHugo, Grand Forks, reserve champion, Drawing and Painting, Beach Painting.


- Kalyssa Leithold, Elgin, champion, Latch Hooking, Mountain Scene Rug.

- Mari Ann Leithold, Elgin, reserve champion, Woodworking, Well.


- Kelsey Hoge, Aneta, champion, Photography, Book in Trash.

- Isaiah Johnson, Aneta, champion, Scrapbooking, Life Scrapbook.


- Aaron Friedt, Mott, champion, Computer, Hereford Web Site.


- Darcie Dewald, Dawson, champion, Scrapbooking, Digital Yearbook.

- Brandi Enzminger, Tappen, champion, Drawing and Painting, Cowboy.

- Christina Haibeck, Steele, champion, Outdoor Skills, Birdhouse; champion, Nature Trails, Barn Birdhouse.

- Kacey Koester, Steele, champion, Photography, Branding.

- Lydia Thomas, Pettibone, champion, Photography, Cat.


- Deann Berntson, Kulm, reserve champion, Communications, 4-H PowerPoint.


- David Leier, Kintyre, reserve champion, Eggs, Brown Eggs.

- Olivia Svanes, Kintyre, reserve champion, Eggs, White Eggs.


- Job Bachmeier, Granville, champion, Vegetables, Carrots, Cauliflower, White Onions; champion, Outdoor Skills, How to Build a Campfire; reserve champion, Vegetables, Peas.

- Lane Bachmeier, Granville, champion Glue Solution, Banner; reserve champion, Poultry, Candle Your Eggs.

- Taylor Bachmeier, Granville, champion, Vegetables, Turnips, Green Onions, Yellow Onions; reserve champion, Outdoor Skills, Turkey Mount.

- Luke Bacon, Granville, reserve champion, Crop Production, Fertilizer Display.

- Caleb Cross, Granville, reserve champion, Crop Production, Canola.

- Laura Duchsherer, Balfour, reserve champion, Crop Production, Hard Red Winter Wheat Sheaf.

- Tyler Duchsherer, Balfour, champion, Crop Production, Corn Sheaf.

- Jacob Kramer, Towner, champion, Eggs, White Eggs.

- Cody Oster, Drake, champion, Crop Production, Sunflower Sheaf; champion, Vegetables, Peas, Cabbage; reserve champion, Vegetables, Green Onions.

- Wyatt Schapp, Granville, champion, Aerospace, Yellow and Black Rocket.

- Sarah Senechal, Balfour, reserve champion, Crop Production, Oil Sunflower.

- Kristi Tonnessen, Towner, champion, Embroidery for Enjoyment, Embroidery, Puppy Quilt.

- Kaitlyn Volochenko, Balfour, champion, Service Learning, Tech Safety.

- Cordell Volson, Balfour, champion, Flower Gardening, Dahlias.

- Magdeline Woodall, Deering, champion, Flower Gardening, Fresh Flower Arrangement.


- Addie Schnabel, Venturia, champion, Goats, Goat Teeth.

- Ellen Schnabel, Venturia, champion, Poultry, Poultry Display Game; reserve champion, Sewing for Fun, Pink Rick Rack Bag.


- Tillie Alveshere, Keene, champion, Baking, Seven Layer Bars.

- Trevor Alveshere, Keene, reserve champion, Other Food and Nutrition, Apple Pie.

- Laurel Nelson, Alexander, champion, Sewing for Fun, Green/Purple/Blue Tote.

- Ty Rolfsrud, Keene, champion, Crop Production, Durum Sheaf, Oat Sheaf; reserve champion, Crop Production, Corn Sheaf, Canola Sheaf, Pea Sheaf.

- Kara Wold, Watford City, champion, Microwave, Microwave Cake.


- Cassidy Freeman, Turtle Lake, champion, Apiary Science, Jar of Honey.

- Tanner Freeman, Turtle Lake, reserve champion, Apiary Science, Jar of Honey.

- Emily Giffey, Ryder, reserve champion, Clay and Plasterware, Dog With Bird; reserve champion, Quilting for Fun, Brown and Blue Lap Quilt.

- Tony Heidelberger, Underwood, reserve champion, Needlepoint, Strawberry.

- Drew Perersen, Washburn, reserve champion, Flower Gardening, Lillies; reserve champion, Baking, Angel Food Cake; reserve champion, Vegetables, Carrots.

- Mark Petersen, Washburn, reserve champion, Breads, Maple Twists.

- Jonathan Price, Douglas, champion, Entomology, Entomology Display; reserve champion, Crop Production, Flax.


- Linsi Boe, Golden Valley, reserve champion, Flower Gardening, Potted Plant.

- Kimberly Ellwein, Hazen, reserve champion, Flower Arranging, Wall Hanging.

- Jacob Hafner, Beulah, reserve champion, Aerospace, Blue Rocket.

- Josten Hafner, Beulah, champion, Aerospace, Poster.

- Emily Kopp, Beulah, champion, Drawing and Painting, Mountain Scene.

- Lindsey Pouliot, Beulah, champion, Educational Exhibit, Greek Temple; champion, Photography, Monkey's Mission; reserve champion, Scrapbooking,

2008-2009 Scrapbook; reserve champion, Vet. Science, Wood Display; reserve champion, Service Learning, Relay for Life Poster.

- Brittney Seibel, Beulah, reserve champion, Photography, Robin Bird Story.

- Jennifer Zastawniak, Beulah, champion, Macramé, Cream Bracelet.


- Rachel Goettle, Mandan, champion, Breads, Wheat Rolls.

- Mariah Higgins, Mandan, champion, Service Learning, Helping With Crafts at Bible School.

- April Hintz, Glen Ullin, reserve champion, Crochet, Crocheted Dress.

- Tyrza Hoines, Mandan, reserve champion, Sewing Expressions, Green Robe and PJ Pants.

- Matt Smith, Mandan, reserve champion, Beef, Dwarfism.


- ShayLee Billadeau, Parshall, champion; Crop Production, Barley Sheaf, Canola Sheaf; champion, Flower Gardening, Planted Flower Container; champion, Flower Gardening, Stepping Stones; champion, Flower Gardening, Other Horticulture; reserve champion, Six Easy Bites, Raspberry Almond Cookies.

- Regan Christenson, Plaza, champion, Crop Production, Canola; reserve champion, Crop Production, Barley.

- Colby Hennessy, Stanley, reserve champion, Welding, Boot Scraper.

- Brady Kok, Plaza, champion, Crop Production, Hard Red Spring Wheat.

- Myles Odermann, Parshall, champion, Computer, Stop Motion Video.

- Rayessa Odermann, Parshall, champion, Crop Production, Pea Sheaf.

- Chantz Ramberg, White Earth, reserve champion, Leather Craft, Checkbook Cover.

- Katie Ramberg, White Earth, reserve champion, Breads, White Rolls.

- Sidney Sanderson, Parshall, champion, Citizenship, Folding the Flag.

- Katie Woodbury, Stanley, champion, Vet. Science, Display Board and Book; champion, Woodworking, Table.

- Madeleinne Zacher, Parshall, champion, Sewing Challenges, Lavender Jacket.


- MaKayla Heinz, Brocket, reserve champion, Needlepoint, Cat Tissue Box.

- Mariah Kinneberg, McVille, reserve champion, Cross Stitch, Precious Moments.

- Kamron Matejcek, Brocket, champion, Crop Production, Barley.

- Kendra Swenson, Lakota, champion, Health, Get Those Hands Clean Poster.


- Taylor Cahoon, Center, reserve champion, Welding, Camp Fire Display.

- Logan Staigle, Center, reserve champion, Photography, Pair of Labs.


- Wesley Kemp, Cavalier, reserve champion, Glue Solution, Christmas Balls.

- Jacklyn McCollum, Crystal, champion, Clay and Plasterware, Bowl.


- Emily Salwey, Rugby, reserve champion, Breads, White Machine Bread.


- Jessica Hagen, Devils Lake, reserve champion, Leisure Arts, Pumpkin String Art.

- Cole Hanson, Webster, reserve champion, Photography, Bryce National Park.

- Candra Kalhagen, Webster, champion, Extras For Your Room, Pillow.

- Shelby Ness, Devils Lake, champion, Leisure Arts, Textile Painting; champion, Extras For Your Room, Pillow; reserve champion, Computer, Girls Hockey PowerPoint.

- Molly Nienhuis, Lawton, reserve champion, You're the Chef, Oatmeal Rolls; reserve champion, Outdoor Eating, Ginger Crinkles Cookies.

- Cassie Pike, Penn, champion, Electricity, National Geographic Lamp.


- Elena Lee, Lisbon, champion, Exploring 4-H, Placemats.


- Kalinda Aho, Antler, champion, Breads, Raisin Machine Loaf Bread; reserve champion, Food Preservation, Strawberry Jam.

- Jess Asheim, Mohall, champion, Leather Craft, Chinks; champion, Food Preservation, Watermelon Pickles.

- Marissa Asheim, Mohall, champion, Food Preservation, Cherries.

- Shannon Asheim, Mohall, reserve champion, Theatre Arts, Puppet Box; reserve champion, Six Easy Bites, Salted Nut Roll.

- Ty Feland, Antler, champion, Drawing and Painting, Steer.

- Ashley Huber, Minot, champion, Other Food and Nutrition, Decorated Cake.

- Jozey Ledoux, Mohall, champion, Other Horticulture and Gardening, Planter.

- Emily Miller, Glenburn, champion, Rabbits, Rabbit Carrier; champion, Arts, Types of Clowns Poster.

- Sara Miller, Glenburn, reserve champion, Rabbits, Rabbit First Aid.

- Macy Sundahl, Mohall, reserve champion, Wood Arts, Carved Bark.

- Anna VanderLaan, Mohall, reserve champion, Woodworking, Pool Rack.

- Cassandra Voigt, Mohall, reserve champion, Macramé, Necklace and Key Ring.


- Laura Manstrom, Wyndmere, champion, Photography, Kayaks.

- Daniel Novotny, Lidgerwood, reserve champion, Learn About, Hat Rack.

- Jamie Wahler, Barney, reserve champion, Crop Production, Corn.

- Nicholas Weber, Wahpeton, champion, Food Preservation, Green Beans.

- Therese Weber, Wahpeton, champion, Crop Production, Crop Binder; champion, Outdoor Eating, Berry Fruit Leather; reserve champion, Food Preservation, Dehydrated Tomatoes.


- Dareien Lund, Rolla, reserve champion, Food Preservation, Bread and Butter Pickles.


- Summer Dieterle, Kief, champion, Drawing and Painting, Pickup/Farm; champion, Wood Arts, Wood Table; champion, Glue Solution, Chest.

- Taylor Gahner, McClusky, champion, Six Easy Bites, Party Pretzels.

- Jerica Jesz, McClusky, reserve champion, Scrapbooking, Digital Year in School.

- Marita Rau, Kief, champion, Sewing Expressions, Black Party Dress.


- Samantha Dukart, Richardton, champion, Food Preservation, Pomegranate Jelly; champion, Extras For Your Room, Wall Design.

- Anna Friedt, Dickinson, champion, Flower Arranging, Wall Hanging.

- Jamie Hetzel, Gladstone, champion, Welding, Fire Pit.

- Kara Hibl, Dickinson, champion, Geospatial, Geocache Box.

- Kelsey Hibl, Dickinson, champion, Geospatial, Geocache Booklet.

- Danelle Hoff, Richardton, champion, Flower Arranging, Barbed Wire Wreath; reserve champion, Clay and Plasterware, Christmas Penguin.

- Kelsey Hondl, Dickinson, reserve champion, Cross Stitch, Horsehead.

- Stetson Pedersen, Dickinson, champion, Flower Arranging, Other Floral Arrangement.

- Summer Pedersen, Dickinson, champion, Pets, Cat Toy.


- Cody Beach, Wimbledon, reserve champion, Wood Arts, Laser Plaque.

- Elizabeth Beach, Wimbledon, reserve champion, Careers, Survival Guide to College.

- McKenzy Dockter, Medina, reserve champion, Photography, Cow/Pig in Stall.

- Kimberly Herman, Ypsilanti, champion, Consumer Savvy, Senior Photo Comparison; champion, Photography, Boy in Window.

- Alyssa Johnson, Jamestown, reserve champion, Child Development, Kiddie Kroquet.


- Andrea Benson, Cando, reserve champion, Computer, Animation DVD.

- Jill Johnston, Cando, champion, Sewing Expressions, Black and White Jacket.

- Corrina Koehn, Egeland, champion, Wood Arts, Laser Frame.


- Tayah Beck, Hillsboro, champion, Photography, My Little Neighbors.

- Katja Berge, Hillsboro, champion, Scrapbooking, Digital Scrapbook; champion, Flower Arranging, Pink Corsage.

- Tatiana Berge, Hillsboro, reserve champion, Scrapbooking, Digital Scrapbook.

- Chase Elliott, Galesburg, reserve champion, Swine, Swine Display.

- Levi Elliott, Blanchard, champion, Swine, Swine Display.

- Mikenzie Elliott, Clifford, champion, Animal Science, Sheep Display.

- Harrison McAllister, Fargo, reserve champion, Vegetables, Yellow Onions.

- Elizabeth Nelson, Portland, reserve champion, Scrapbooking, Minnesota Trip.


- Jared Nelson, Grafton, reserve champion, Photography, Ice Cream.

- Kaitlyn Nelson, Grafton, champion, Baking , Jelly Roll; champion, Decorate Your Duds, Denim Jacket and Skirt; reserve champion, Vegetables, Cabbage.

- Zachary Nelson, Grafton, reserve champion, Food Preservation, Salsa.

- Anna Ramsey, Park River, champion, Drawing and Painting, Iris in Watercolor; champion, Drawing and Painting, Turkey Feather; reserve champion, Wood Arts, Wood Burning.

- Andrew Ternquist, Michigan, champion, Aerospace, Hydrogen Rocket.

- Megan Ternquist, Michigan, champion, Child Development, Diva Dolls; champion, Sewing Expressions, Red Coats.

- Abby Zikmund, Pisek, reserve champion, Health, Safe Sun Display; reserve champion, Extras For Your Room, Coaster.

- Tricia Zikmund, Pisek, reserve champion, Food Preservation, Stewed Tomatoes.


- Hallie Abrahamson, Minot, reserve champion, Flower Arranging, Pink/Yellow Topiary.

- Austin Becker, Minot, champion, Six Easy Bites, Chocolate Caramel Pecan Bars.

- Garrett Becker, Minot, reserve champion, Tasty Tidbits, Rhubarb Strawberry Coffee Cake.

- Faith Blackburn, Minot Air Force Base, champion, Wood Arts, Wood burning.

- Heather Brockell, Minot, reserve champion, Leadership, Miracle Mart Fundraiser.

- Morgan Cummings, Berthold, champion, Tasty Tidbits, Sugar Cookie.

- Brooke Dahl, Sawyer, champion, Clay and Plasterware, Large Vase; reserve champion, Clay and Plasterware, Large Mosaic Tile.

- Dylan Finken, Douglas, champion, Crop Production, Durum, Flax Sheaf; reserve champion, Welding, Ramp.

- Justin Gasmann, Max, reserve champion, Clay and Plasterware, Fox.

- Shonda Gasmann, Max, champion, Leather Craft, Breast Collar.

- Ian Hall, Berthold, champion, Foodworks, Lefse.

- Dana Halvorson, Minot, reserve champion, Microwave, Caramel Nut Bars.

- Shelby Hennessy, Des Lacs, champion, Health, Simple Solution Display.

- Tucker Hennessy, Des Lacs, reserve champion, Flower Arranging, Duck Centerpiece.

- Reiny Inman, Surrey, champion, Food Preservation, Pickled Spicy Mixed Vegetables.

- Kyleen Johnson, Carpio, champion, Needlepoint, Frog Wind Chimes; reserve champion, Foodworks, Peach Pie.

- Penn Johnston, Velva, champion, Learn About, Roping Dummy.

- Joshua Kauffman, Minot, reserve champion, Drawing and Painting, Pastel Parrot.

- Marcie Kohler, Benedict, champion, Crochet, Crocheted Doily; champion, Sewing Expressions, Quilt; reserve champion, Crop Production, Durum; reserve champion, Crop Production, Barley Sheaf.

- Wyatt Limke, Carpio, reserve champion, Eggs, Brown Eggs.

- Emily Maasjo, Minot, reserve champion, Horse, Hippology.

- Justin Maasjo, Minot, reserve champion, Outdoor Skills, Forestry Book.

- Brita Martin, Minot, champion, Clay and Plasterware, Fish.

- Jocelyn McCormack, Des Lacs, champion, Clay and Plasterware, Christmas Horse.

- Jory Miller, Deering, champion Wood Arts, Wood Burning; reserve champion, Drawing and Painting, Man Smoking.

- Kali Miller, Deering, champion, Wood Arts, Wood Burned Plaque.

- Kendra Miller, Donnybrook, champion, Scrapbooking, Life is Grand.

- Nicholas Nelson, Donnybrook, reserve champion, Vegetables, Rhubarb.

- Reed Nerem, Deering, reserve champion, Woodworking, Birdhouse.

- Jessica Peterson, Minot, champion, Fruits, Raspberries; champion, Flower Arranging, Yellow Topiary.

- Breanna Quarne, Glenburn, champion, Flower Gardening, Potted Plant.

- Kyler Roteliuk, Sawyer, reserve champion, Other Horticulture and Gardening, Flower Pot.

- Jennifer Schaefer, Burlington, champion, Electricity, Antler Lamp.

- Gwen Scheresky, Max, champion, Crop Production, Corn.

- Hope Scheresky, Max, reserve champion, Crop Production, Peas.

- Jacob Scheresky, Des Lacs, reserve champion, Electricity, Rock Lamp.

- Levi Titus, Max, champion, Vegetables, Rhubarb.

- Bridger Urban, Surrey, champion, Welding, Rack; reserve champion, Baking, Oat Rhubarb Streusel Bars.

- Madison Wald, Surrey, champion, Woodworking, Wald Bench.

- Kourtney Yeager, Minot, champion, Needlepoint, Birdhouse; champion, You're the Chef, Krumkaka.


- Jarrett Anderson, Heimdahl, champion, Small Engines, Engine Display.

- Signe Bollingberg, Fessenden, reserve champion, Extras For Your Room, Quilt.

- Kayla Hart, Chaseley, reserve champion, Flower Arranging, White Corsage.

- Emily McKinven, Martin, champion, Photography, Boy With Cat and Dandelion.


- Emily Alton, Williston, reserve champion, Dogs, Dog Feeder; reserve champion, Sewing for Fun, Blue Flowered Top.

- Sadie Fjelstad, Williston, reserve champion, Drawing and Painting, Horse Head.

- Sara Melgaard, Grenora, champion, Extras For Your Room, Turtle.

- Christy Sperling, Williston, champion, Drawing and Painting, Toby Keith.

- LaMae Turk-Walton, Williston, reserve champion, Extras For Your Room, Magnetic Board.