AYR, N.D. — Northwest Cass County farmer Randy Melvin says he has been extremely stressed and has lost countless hours of sleep over the past month as he fights to get his beans harvested before winter.

An October snowstorm and heavy fall rain have caused a lot of problems for Melvin, who said Friday, Nov. 1, that he had only harvested about half of his total acres and won't know the cost of the damage until the harvest is over.

But with recent lower temperatures freezing the mud and standing water, Melvin says he has been able to at least get out in the fields to harvest soybeans.

"We've harvested more days in the last week than we did in the rest of the month prior," he explained.

But that's not the case with the corn, which Melvin said he hasn't even started harvesting.

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"We're going to start corn harvest somewhere between next week and March, so I'm not sure when we'll get done," he said.

This is the second time in his career Melvin will harvest corn into the spring. The last time was in 2009 when he finished the corn harvest in June 2010. He said it's not something they want to do, but they don't really have a choice at this point.

"It's just part of agriculture," he said. "Is it fun? No, but it's part of the challenges we face."

Melvin hopes the weather will cooperate so he can at least get the beans harvested within the next few days.