FARGO — A famous farmer made his way to Fargo to inspire other farmers to show the world what they do.

Zach Johnson, known on YouTube as the "Millennial Farmer," came to the Northern Corn and Soybean Expo Tuesday, Feb. 4, to spread his message about the farming life.

During his talk, he spoke about why it's important to show what farmers do on a regular basis, as well as how it's appealed to non-farmers.

Johnson said with the struggles farmers have faced in the last year, now is the best time to ask for help.

"Our industry needs the voices right now, and we have the opportunity because people are willing to listen to us," he said.

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Johnson, who's based out of west-central Minnesota, has over 400,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, which has been running for four years.

The farmer and YouTuber is impressed with the different generations he has influenced, from babies to baby boomers.

"I think that's been one of the strong suits," he said. "I get to meet kids that are 2 years old that love what I do, and then I get to meet the old farmers who are 100 years old that love what I do."