Axis Property Management Sponsors First Down Home Move-In to Support a Family Emerging from Homelessness


Axis Property Management sets the benchmark of high performance and professionalism in the management of both commercial and residential real estate. Their mission allows them to be boots on the ground and support the Fargo-Moorhead community in which they live and work.

Axis recently sponsored their first Down Home (DH) family move-in. Their team moved and arranged furniture and décor, and in one hour, they completely transformed an empty space into a beautiful and inspiring home. The team finished the process with a final reveal of the newly decorated and furnished home to a mother and son referred to DH by the Jeremiah Program.

Patrick Vesey, Owner of Axis shared, “Sponsoring a family was an incredible experience to witness how working together as a team greatly impacts not only the family you are helping, but also everyone involved in the process. To see the transformation of their home and to know you had a hand in that is powerful. Our Axis family is changed from the experience.”

DH empowers lives by furnishing homes for families and individuals emerging from homelessness. Founded in 2017, DH serves families in the Fargo-Moorhead area. To date, DH has furnished almost 120 homes, impacting over 400 lives, and providing further connections beyond the move-in day. To find out more about DH Sponsorship visit

Axis & DH Teams with Family Served