Dr. Brent Holman Wins Prestigious Leader Award

Dr. Brent Holman was elected the International College of Dentists Outstanding Leader for 2022 by the Board of Regents on April 21st at the International College of Dentists USA Section Spring Meeting in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Holman received this prestigious award at the Annual ICD/USA Section meeting and convocation in Houston, Texas in October 14, 2022. Dr. Holman is the only the 17th ICD Fellow to receive this award.

The USA Section of the International College of Dentists is part of the preeminent honor society for dentists in the world and the only one of its kind. The ICD was conceived in 1927 by Dr. Louis Ottofy and Dr. Tsurkiishi Okumura from Japan at the 7th Annual International Dental Conference in Philadelphia. The ICD has 10,000 members world wide in 122 countries There are 1.6 million dentists in the world and about 200,000 dentists in the US. There are about 6,000 ICD fellows in the USA Section.

The International College of Dentists recognizes and promotes excellence in leadership with an emphasis on service, provides support to our Fellows and respect for our peers, addresses oral health needs and education throughout the world, and fosters an atmosphere of collaboration with those who share our core values: Integrity, Leadership and Service with is motto of “Serving Others”

The ICD/USA Section Outstanding Dental Leader Award is reserved for the EXCEPTIONAL leaders in dentistry. An exceptional leader is defined as one who, in the face of overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable difficulties, is able to craft exceptional and creative opportunities. Nominees for the Outstanding Dental Leader award should meet at least one of the first three criteria below: Dr. Holman meets all the criteria.

1. Epitomizes the highest ideals of professional ethics and conduct, with a commitment to the promotion of quality, accessible dentistry to the world’s populace.

2. Continuously and selflessly dedicates herself/himself to providing aid to those unable to help themselves due to financial, physical, or mental capabilities.

3. Demonstrates extraordinary and meritorious leadership and dedication to the advancement of our profession, including but not limited to the active practice of dentistry, dental research, dental education, public health, dental administration, or organized dentistry.